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Cloud Engines has decided to discontinue its Pogoplug Video "indefinitely".

On Thursday, we reported that Cloud Engines had issued a "safety recall" of its new Pogoplug Video product.

In a follow-up email sent yesterday to registered Pogoplug Video users, the company offered two options, noting "We will discontinue the Pogoplug Video model indefinitely".

The Exchange option will swap returned Video units for the Pogoplug Business version plus a copy of Pogoplug Premium Software. As noted in our review, the Premium Software enables Windows, MacOS X, and Linux machines to act as Pogoplugs with media transcoding / streaming capabilities.

The Refund option was presented in a confusing way in the email, which is found below. It provides contradictory instructions, advising consumers to "return the device to the store/retailer you purchased it from", but then saying "Please note that we cannot issue refunds unless you purchased the device from us directly".

Looks like you’ll just have to email [email protected] to sort it all out.

Pogoplug Video Recall
Pogoplug Video Recall:
Exchange Your Product or Obtain a Refund
Dear Pogoplug Video User,

We have received emails from many of you. Thank you in advance for your patience – we will do our best to respond to your emails as soon as possible. Please note that we communicated to all our users the moment we became aware of the problem. As a result, we are still working through the logistics of processing refunds and returns. In the interim, we did want to provide the following information to you.

How do I know whether I have a Pogoplug Video unit?
Many users have already written in to ask this question. The answer is that Pogoplug Video is black, and is the only Pogoplug with an external power supply. If the power adapter on the back of your device looks like the image in the photo below, you own a Pogoplug Video unit.

Exchange Option
If you are happy with and depend on your Pogoplug, we would be happy to ship a brand new Pogoplug Business ($299 value) to you, along with a Pogoplug Premium Software license ($29 value): total retail value of $330
. We will discontinue the Pogoplug Video model indefinitely. If you are relying on the video acceleration included in the Pogoplug Video product (not included in Pogoplug Business), please note that our Pogoplug Premium Software provides similar functionality. Pogoplug Premium Software turns your laptop/computer into a fully featured Pogoplug, with all the features (including fast transcoding) you enjoyed via Pogoplug Video. The only disadvantage to Pogoplug Premium Software is that you must leave your computer on for remote access, streaming and sharing. Please note that Pogoplug Business includes certain features (customized logo, auditing, multiple user accounts) that other Pogoplugs do not. You can read more about Pogoplug Business here: http://www.pogoplug.com/products-pogoplug-business.html.

If you are interested in this exchange option, please send an email to [email protected] from the email address you registered with Pogoplug Video. Once we verify your identity and device ID, we will begin the exchange process. Please safely store your Pogoplug Video for the time being. At a future date we may ask you to return it to us, or to recycle it. In any event, please safely eject all hard drives and unplug your unit.

Finally, please note that if you choose to exchange your Pogoplug Video for our Pogoplug Business product, you will not be able to obtain a refund

Refund Option
If you do not like the exchange option described above and prefer a refund, the fastest way to obtain a refund is to return the device to the store/retailer you purchased it from. All of our retailers are aware of the problem and should be able to process your refund quickly, even if you are outside the standard thirty day return window.

Please note that we cannot issue refunds unless you purchased the device from us directly. Why? Pogoplug sells its products through a complex sales channel including sales representatives, distributors, retailers and other logistical providers. For confidentiality reasons, we do not have access to your payment or identity information, and we have no way of verifying your transaction with the store. We are working closely with all of our partners to ensure that they process your returns as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Needless to say, we are very bummed that this has happened, and we remain committed to delivering safe, reliable and fun products.

Please direct any questions by return email to this message, or to [email protected]


The Pogoplug Team

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