Apposite intros gigabit WAN emulators

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Tim Higgins


Apposite Technologies today announced gigabit versions of its Linktropy
network emulators.

The Linktropy 7500 emulates a single wide area network (WAN) link, while
the Linktropy 7500 Pro can emulate up to 4 WAN links with an aggregate
throughput of 4 Gbps. Both Linktropy models simulate wide-area network links of
up to 1 Gbps per link.

Linktropy WAN emulators simulate bandwidth, delay, packet loss, congestion,
and other link impairments to emulate terrestrial, internet, wireless, satellite
or any other type of wide-area network.

Both the Linktropy 7500 and 7500 Pro come in 1U-sized, rack-mountable chassis,
and include both copper and modular fiber/copper Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and
browser-based administration.

Pricing for the 7500 starts at $7,500. Shipments of both products will begin next month.

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