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NAS How To

Using the Charts

Results are imported into the NAS Chart Database, where they are available in both average (Figure 1) and throughput vs. filesize forms.

Average Throughput Benchmark Chart
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Figure 1: Average Throughput Benchmark Chart

The Charts have many controls (Figure 2) that can be used to select the data displayed:

NAS Chart Controls

Figure 2: NAS Chart Controls
  • Select Benchmark - This dropdown is used to choose the benchmark test data
  • Filters - The Filters are used to reduce the number of products displayed based on product attributes. The filters are "sticky" and remain applied when you change benchmarks. So you may need to clear them if you get odd results.
  • Filesize mode - By default, the charts display data for "large" filesizes between 32 MB and 4 GB. Switching to "small" filesize mode displays data for filesizes between 64 KB and 16 MB. Note that "small" filesize performance is usually higher than supported by the physical LAN connection because it represents cached performance, i.e read / write to memory vs. the actual NAS.
  • Cached Performance Filter - A new averaging algorithm was introduced in March 2009 to remove data distortion in the average performance calculation caused by extremely high cached performance shown in some newer NASes. This article explains the filter.
  • Features - This button displays detailed product information including noise level, power consumption, processor, memory and more. Data for up to four products can be shown simultaneously in table format
  • Throughput vs. File Size - This button plots throughput vs. file size for up to six products (Figure 3). It is useful to see where cache effects stop and for further insight into performance.

Throughput vs. File Size Chart

Figure 3: Throughput vs. File Size Chart
  • Benchmarks - This button lets you generate throughput vs. filesize comparisons for up to six different benchmark tests for a single product. It is useful for comparing performance of different RAID modes or with and without jumbo frames enabled.
  • Price vs. Performance - This button generates a plot of product price vs. the selected performance benchmark. Note that it does not take into account NAS capacity so does not represent price / MB or GB.

Price vs. NAS 1000 Mbps Read Performance

Figure 4: Price vs. NAS 1000 Mbps Read Performance

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