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Shared Folder Management - Figure 5 shows the interface for creating and editing shares. The Access Type section (open the larger version of the image to see) is where you can enable services on a per-share basis. Windows (SMB/CIFS) file sharing is enabled by default and the optional services are FTP, AFP and NFS.

Share edit screen
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Figure 5: Share edit screen

Anonymous FTP is enabled by default in the default Public share. But I found that when I tried to set up a private FTP share that the FTP box was grayed out. An email to Iomega revealed that only one FTP share is supported. So I had to disable the Public FTP share so that I was able to successfully test a private share. Note that FTP logins are not logged.

Disk Management [screenshot] - Disk management is very basic, with the large drive icons mostly for show. You change RAID modes by using the Format link (Figure 6) and you can also run a disk scan using the Repair link.

Format options

Figure 6: Format options

I did try plugging in a USB flash drive and it automatically appeared as a separate share. Flash drives need to be formatted FAT, FAT32, or NTFS (NTFS devices recognized as read-only). Note that you cannot leave USB drives plugged in while you boot the 200rl. This is due to the system recovery feature which automatically looks for a CD/DVD on the USB bus during boot. If you leave a drive attached, the system will hang and not complete its boot.

Network subsections include:

  • LAN - You can change the default DHCP client setting to set a static IP and enable 9K (only) jumbo frames.
  • Windows Setup [screenshot] - This is where you change the workgroup name from its "WORKGROUP" default and enable NT Domains or Active Directory participation.

Applications - The only thing under this menu is the Disk Backup function, which, curiously, has a System Settings Backup function under it instead of at the Applications menu level.

Scheduled backup job

Figure 7: Scheduled backup job

I tried to create the backup job shown in Figure 7, but got an "Invalid User Name", apparently because it wanted a user name, even though the backup target was a public share. The page with the error also showed a time / date entry under the Run Weekly option, so this function looks like it needs some work.

Note that there is not an incremental backup option or rsync capability. The backup feature creates a full uncompressed file backup in a new directory each time it runs, unless Overwrite Backup is selected.

Print Server - This an enable / disable for an LPD-based print server. Two USB printers are supported. There is no list of supported printers, but don't expect multi-function printers to be fully supported, if at all. I didn't test this function.

Check out the slideshow Check out the slideshow for more admin interface info.

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