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Performance Overview

The N7710-G was tested with 2.04.05 firmware using our recently released V5 NAS test process. Since the new testbed supports 10GbE testing and so does the N7710-G, I ran a full suite of 10GbE connected tests with RAID 0, 5 and 10 volumes. The Benchmark summary below shows 1GbE connected results on the left, 10GbE on the right.

A quick overview shows Gigabit-connected write / read performance around 100 MB/s for all three tested RAID volume types, with a dip down to 89 MB/s or so for RAID 10 Intel NASPT File Copy read.

10GbE connected benchmarks showed a wider performanc range for large file copies from a high of 381 MB/s for Intel NASPT RAID 0 File Copy write to a low of 164 MB/s for Intel NASPT RAID 10 File Copy read. Note that benchmarks using a mix of smaller file sizes, NASPT Directory Copy in particular, knock throughput right down to low teen MB/s.

Thecus N7710-G NAS Benchmark summary

Thecus N7710-G NAS Benchmark summary

iSCSI benchmarks shows it also could take advantage of the 10GbE connection's higher bandwidth. Write and read measurements on RAID 5 volumes came in at 94 MB/s / 101 MB/s for 1 GbE and 256 MB/s / 248 MB/s for 10GbE.

As noted earlier, I used Data Guard for attached backup tests and the Rsync backup app for network backup tests. I ran rsync backup tests with both Gigabit and 10 Gigabit connections, but saw no significant difference at 60 and 58 MB/s, respectively. Best case for attached backup was 39 MB/s for an NTFS formatted volume with both USB 2.0 and 3.0 connections.

Performance - 10GbE Comparative

Since this is the first 10GbE test with the new process, I have no directly comparable data to show. But as a sanity check, I took the 10GbE results from the Thecus TopTower N6850 review that compared it and a QNAP TS-1079 Pro with RAID 5 volumes. Both NASes were connected to the V3/V4 Intel i3 / Windows 7 based testbed and Intel X520-DA2 10 GbE NICs were used on both NAS and testbed.

I added the N7710-G's results as red numbers to the chart below. While they aren't directly comparable, they seem to follow the general pattern of the other results. Keep in mind the CPU's in the NASes are an Intel Pentium G850 @ 2.9 GHz for the N7710-G, Pentium G620 @ 2.6 GHz for the N6850 and Intel i3-2120 in the QNAP.

Thecus N6850 vs. QNAP TS-1079 Pro - 10 GbE connection

Thecus N6850, QNAP TS-1079 Pro, Thecus N7710-G - 10 GbE connection

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