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Features and Prices

Skype and Gizmo are remarkably similar with regards to the features that they offer. Both offer free computer-to-computer calling (and conference calls) anywhere in the world, free chat, fee-based calling to normal phones, a fee-based ability to receive calls from normal phones, and voice mail.

  Skype Gizmo
Calling - computer-to-computer Free. Up to five users may participate in a conference call. Free. No limit on conference call participants.
Calling - computer-to-traditional line SkypeOut rates vary depending on location. Check here for current rates. Subject to VAT in Europe. CallOut rates vary depending on location. Check here for current rates. $0.25 US worth of free CallOut credits come with every new account.
Calling - traditional line-to-computer SkypeIn costs €10 for 3 months (approximately $12 US as of this writing) and €30 for 12 months (approximately $35 US as of this writing). 10 numbers allowed in 11 countries. CallIn $12 for 3 months, $35 for 12 months. Unlimited numbers allowed in 2 countries (US and UK).
Chat Proprietary protocol. Skype-to-Skype only. Jabber protocol (XMPP). Can talk to any other Jabber clients.
Voicemail €5 for 3 months (around $4 US) and €15 (around $12.50 US) for one year. Free with SkypeIn. Free.
Languages 26 1 (English)
Table 1: Feature and price comparison between Skype and Gizmo.

Gizmo has the edge over Skype when it comes to features, between free voice mail, capacity to instant message other Jabber clients, and the $0.25 CallOut credit provided to each new account (which may not sound like much, but comes out to around 20 minutes of free calling time). Gizmo's other key advantage vs. Skype is the SIP account number that each user gets along with his or her Gizmo name. The SIP account number is essentially a phone number that allows free in and outbound calling with other SIP-based VoIP providers that have established peering arrangements with Gizmo / SIPphone. A check of the Calling Other VoIP Networks page shows some universities such as MIT, and a handful of University of California campuses. And while Earthlink VoIP is listed as an available peer network, you won't find any other big names such as Vonage, Verizon VoiceWing or others.

But Skype takes the lead when it comes to international appeal, since the program is available in 26 different languages and the SkypeOut service is available in far more countries than Gizmo CallOut.

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