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The IPC-4605N has two admin interfaces, local and cloud-based. The local interface has a wealth of settings-—enough that I thought I had broken the camera a few times! I managed to mess with the settings enough in some cases to mess up and even kill the video.

I've included all of the settings shots in the gallery later on, but here is a quick summary of all you can set in the local interface:

• Various video quality settings of both video streams
• Lots of camera tweaks such as white balance, backlight compensation, exposure control, low light behavior
• LED indicator on/off
• IR Light control Auto/On/Off/Scheduled
• Flip mode for different mounting options
• Audio settings for the two video streams
• User accounts
• Various network settings
• PTZ presets and Patrol parameters
• Various Event Server Setup
• Trigger Setup by Schedule, Motion Detection, Audio Detection, or I/O Ports
• SD card recording
• Recording History
• Date settings
• Multi-camera configuration

Completing the steps in the Quick Start Guide bring you to iSecurity+, which is the cloud interface for the camera. iSecurity+ is essentially a skinned version of seedonk's video monitoring system.You can even use your iSecurity+ login credentials to log into seedonk's site.

iSecurity+ provides a list of all cameras you've registered and gives you a live view of your camera. This initial picture below is just of my backyard before I moved the camera to its proper testing location.

iSecurity+ Live Video View
Figure 3: iSecurity+ Live Video View

In addition to moving the camera via PTZ functions, the only other things that can be modified via iSecurity+ are the video settings for the two camera streams, the rotation (if you change the camera mounting position), and turning the audio and infrared lights on and off. No snapshots or live video can be taken from the browser window, even stored locally, which I found strange.

iSecurity+ is also available via Android and iOS apps (iPhone, not iPad) with additional functionality when compared to the iSecurity+ browser interface, including live viewing, event viewing, snapshot and video recording. Recording of video and snapshots via the Android and iOS apps gets stored locally vs. on the cloud, however. I did find the event viewing portion of the mobile app very useful for just doing a quick check of motion detection every now and then. Overall it was very easy to look at motion detection events from anywhere with this camera.

iSecurity+ Android/iOS app
Figure 4: iSecurity+ Android/iOS app

If you don't have your own onsite recording solution, ZyXEL offers online storage with iSecurity+ Snapshots for $5.99 a month. The comparison chart below shows you everything you get, with the paid version adding Motion Detection and Event Capture, Mobile Notification, and 14 days of online storage over the free version.

Zyxel IPC-4605N Cloud Features comparison
Figure 5: ZyXEL IPC-4605N Cloud Features comparison

I tested the Motion Detection portion of the paid version quite extensively and found it pretty slick. Any motion from the camera sends an email with a link to the event captured. You click the link, login and see the motion. Simple.

$6 a month for 14 days of storage is fairly reasonable and a better deal than Dropcam's $10 for 7 days of recording. So is the free 30 day trial of iSecurity+ Snapshots that comes with the camera purchase vs. no trial for Dropcam's recording service.

I should note that I joined the 30 day free trial using my phone. But my Events tab never showed up in the ZyXEL skin of iSecurity+; I had to log into and use its interface.

There is no recording interface to speak of on iSecurity+. Videos are updated via triggers such as motion detection, audio detection, schedules and digital inputs. The camera has an SD card backup feature that will record video locally should the camera lose connection to the network. But there is no option to record to a local networked share. You would have to use a third-party application, once support for the camera is added .

iSecurity+ Events tab
Figure 6: iSecurity+ Events tab
Contrast that to Dropcam's recording interface from Tim's SmallCloudBuilder Dropcam review a few weeks ago. Overall I can't say one or the other looks better, they're just different.
Dropcam motion events
Figure 7: Dropcam motion events
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