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When I logged into ZyXEL's iSecurity+, I noticed it was only HTTP. Thinking that wasn't good for security when you have a live video stream, I fired up WireShark and Fiddler to do some analysis. During login it appears that a backend tunnel is indeed opened to, which was good, and my login stream appeared to be encrypted.

I then went and changed personal information, such as my phone number and password. I was a little alarmed to see that information was getting passed in clear text back to the Joomla server at by a simple HTTP post shown in Figure 8. I've raised this issue to ZyXEL and will update this when I receive a response. In the meantime, be aware of this security flaw.

iSecurity+ clear text HTTP post of password change
Figure 8: iSecurity+ clear text HTTP post of password change

The interface at iSecurity+ is very simple, although it does allow you to use PTZ functions. 10x digital zoom is available with the camera's local interface, but there is no "Z" available via iSecurity+. I noticed considerable delay using the site, with camera position adjustments somemtimes taking as long as 5 seconds. The adjustments themselves seemed to be instantaneous, but the delay would be in the picture catching up.

Like many IP cloud-enabled cameras, you can also manage and view the camera from both local and cloud interfaces. On the local interface, you can also modify the video quality settings just like in iSecurity+. But the iSecurity+ settings will take precedence over the local interface settings. If video quality settings are increased locally, they will simply be reset to iSecurity+ settings upon logging back in or the camera synching.

This could be pretty frustrating if you have a NAS Surveillance Station or Blue Iris video server onsite and are capturing higher resolution video locally as well as wanting the option to view it over the internet via iSecurity+. I attempted to set video to a high quality and was warned that my 25 Mbps down/5 Mbps up connection was too slow for the video quality (Figure 9). With two streams available from the camera, it would be nice if one could be for local video only to get around this. As it stands, the only way to use the higher resolution settings would be to unregister the camera from iSecurity+ by resetting back to defaults.

Zyxel IPC-4605N bandwidth warning
Figure 9: ZyXEL IPC-4605N bandwidth warning

The overwriting issue aside, the more I used the camera, the easier I found it to be. That's not to say there weren't bumps in the road, however. My first run through the local interface was without the manual and I did not find many of the settings intuitive at all. But after downloading the manual, things all made sense and were pretty easy.

A good example of this is the motion detection screen in Figure 10. You can see it simply says "Select Region" and gives you the option of 3 regions. My first time through I simply said, "I don't know, I guess I'll pick Region 1?" Consulting the manual provided clearer instructions on region selection, i.e. click-and-dragging a box on the live view picture.

Zyxel IPC-4605N Motion Detection Region example
Figure 10: ZyXEL IPC-4605N Motion Detection Region example

There were many more examples like this throughout the interface. I found myself often wishing that there was just a short pop-up blurb, or even a sidebar like many routers have with online help. The manual is definitely your friend with the interface as it stands for now.

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