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Image Quality - Indoor Night

Next, let's look at the night indoor picture. Bear in mind that the DCS-2310L is an outdoor camera. As such, the IR LED dispersion becomes more rapid outdoors. It would be an easy conclusion to draw that the interior night picture of the DCS-2310L should be very good.

D-Link DCS-2310L night indoor image
D-Link DCS-2310L night indoor image

But the indoor night image is not all that impressive. It gets even less impressive when we test the 5 meter illumination claim. See if you can tell the difference between the last image and the one below.

D-Link DCS-2310L Can you see what is different?
D-Link DCS-2310L Can you see what is different?

I'm sure you can when you look long enough, I'm standing right at about 16 feet, twisted sideways holding my laptop out of light view. My face and body are slightly illuminated by the laptop, but I think anyone would have a hard time positively identifying someone from that image.

Since the AXIS M1054 does not have any IR LEDs, I'll include a night image from the ZyXEL again.

Comparison night image from the Zyxel IPC-4605N
Comparison night image from the ZyXEL IPC-4605N

And one from the TRENDnet TV- IP572PI this time. Keep that in mind that the TV-IP572PI is a much cheaper camera.

Night image from the TRENDnet TV-IP572PI with 4 IR LEDs
Comparison night image from the TRENDnet TV-IP572PI

It's clear that the ZyXEL is the easy winner here. It has 12 IR LEDs vs. the TRENDnet's 4. It's harder to make a call between the DCS-2310L and the TRENDnet. The DCS-2310L images seems a bit little more illuminated, but it's also more grainy. Neither really see back into the furnace room.

Image Quality - Outdoor Day

Moving on to outdoor day images. We'll compare the DCS-2310L...

47.8deg Field of View from the D-Link DCS-2310L
57.8° Field of View from the D-Link DCS-2310L

to the TRENDnet TV-IP572PI...

51.8deg Field of View from the TRENDnet TV-IP572PI
51.8° Field of View from the TRENDnet TV-IP572PI

and AXIS M1054 again.

84deg Field of View from the Axis M1054
84° Field of View from the Axis M1054

The seasons have changed a bit since our comparison pictures, so it's hard to draw a good comparison here. The DCS-2310L had a hazy overcast fall day, whereas the other two cameras had a sunny summer day. The horizontal field of view is a good thing to note here, however. The AXIS M1054 image definitely shows a much broader field of view when you take note of the miniature slide and fence decorations.

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