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Routing Performance

The 2130n was tested using our updated router test process, which includes the new Maximum Simultaneous Connections test. The results summarized in Table 1 show that the 2130n comes close to, but doesn't achieve Draytek's 800 Mbps throughput claims. Still, with unidirectional throughput in the 600's and total throughput in the mid-700 Mbps, the 2130n should be fast enough for anyone's needs.

Test Description Throughput - (Mbps)
WAN - LAN 638
LAN - WAN 691
Total Simultaneous 766
Max Simultaneous Connections 16,381
Firmware Version 1.2.0
Table 1: Routing throughput

Figure 11 shows the IxChariot aggregate plots for WAN to LAN, LAN to WAN and simultaneous routing throughput tests, with nice, steady throughput.

Draytek 2130n routing throughput
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Figure 11: Draytek 2130n routing throughput

The new Maximum Simultaneous sessions test, which has a limit above 40,000 sessions, came through with a best case of 16,381 connections in three test runs. Looks to me like a 16K session table.

USB Drive Sharing

As mentioned in the Feature summary, the two USB 2.0 ports can be used to share a USB printer, connect a 3G modem for WWAN connection and share a flash or hard drive. Drives can be shared via FTP and SMB/CIFS and per-user password-protected shares can be configured, as Figure 12 shows.

USB Disk share configuration
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Figure 12: USB Disk share configuration

Draytek said the 2130n is its first router to support Windows-style file sharing. From my testing, however, it needs more work. I connected the Iomega Ultramax Pro configured in RAID 0 that I use for all USB file copy performance testing and tried a few times to run my robocopy script to copy a 4.35 GB folder of files to and from the 2130n's share.

I was able to complete one write test (I normally run three writes and three reads in the script), which showed a throughput of 3.6 MB/s. But read tests would always fail with the share going missing shortly into the test. The disappearing share also happened when I tried to run other write tests, too. So, at least from my testing, I would not depend on this feature until Draytek gets new firmware out.

Wireless Performance

I used the open air test method described here to test the 2130n's wireless performance. Testing was done using our standard wireless test client, an Intel Wi-Fi Link 5300 AGN mini-PCIe card in a Dell Mini 12 running WinXP Home SP3 and version of the Intel drivers. I left all client-side defaults in place.

The router was loaded with version 1.2.0 firmware. All factory default settings were left in place, except setting channel 1 for the 2.4 GHz band. As noted earlier, I was not able to run tests using 40 MHz bandwidth mode. I was able, however, to verify that the 2130n properly limited link rates to 54 Mbps (802.11g maximum) when I selected WEP or WPA-TKIP security.

Although Draytek says the 2130n supports WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) for both PIN and pushbutton modes, I couldn't get it to work. My Intel client supports only PIN mode, but there was no PIN available on either router labeling or the admin interface. I don't think the router was properly advertising WPS mode anyway, since when I initiated connection on the client, with the 2130n encryption set to WPS, the client connected with no security!

Figure 13 shows the IxChariot aggregate plot for all downlink tests using 20 MHz channel width. Here's the uplink- 20 MHz BW plot. I'd characterize the 2130n's wireless performance as mostly average, with stronger than typical speeds in the weakest signal test locations E and F.

Draytek 2130n Wireless Throughput - 2.4 GHz, 20 MHz B/W downlink
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Figure 13: Draytek 2130n Wireless Throughput - 2.4 GHz, 20 MHz B/W downlink

Best case speed of 67.6 Mbps was measured running downlink at Location A. Running simultaneous up and downlink tests in Location A showed only a modest gain in total throughput to 77.8 Mbps.

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