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Mobile Apps

Tenda provides mobile apps for iOS as well as Android. Both apps are designed for phones. The Play Store said the Android app was incompatible with my tablet, so I used the iOS app on an iPad.

The mobile apps provide a subset of the features available via the web interface. You can, however, set up the AC15 using either app. I set up the review unit with my iPad. The image below shows the Tenda iOS landing page after login on my iPad. The people image in the upper left corner takes you to the Tenda Cloud Login. The Menu icon in the upper right corner takes you to the administrative page.

Tenda AC15 iOS mobile app landing page

Tenda AC15 iOS mobile app landing page

The gallery below shows screen from other menus shown at the bottom of the screen. The UI on the iOS app and the Android phone app is virtually identical.

Routing Performance

Updated 2/25/16 - Router performance retest due to measurement process error

Routing throughput was measured using our standard router test process with the Tenda AC15 router loaded with V15.03.1.10_EN firmware. Table 2 summarizes the results and compares them to the three routers mentioned previously.

The Tenda AC15 had the highest simultaneous throughput, but had the lowest WAN - LAN throughput of the four routers compared. Like the TP-LINK Archer C9, the Tenda AC15 supported over 30,000 simultaneous connections. We consider anything over 30,000 connections as equal for ranking purposes. The Tenda's performance is closer to the Archer C9's than the Linksys and NETGEAR.

Test Description Tenda AC15 Linksys EA6900 NETGEAR R7000 TP-Link Archer C9
WAN - LAN (Mbps) 760 924 931 756
LAN - WAN (Mbps) 780 844 942 755
Total Simultaneous (Mbps) 1287 1135 1378 1190
Maximum Simultaneous Connections 35,401 15,833 38,793 7,820
Firmware Version V15.03.1.10_EN V1.1.42.155232 V1.0.1.22_1.0.15 3.15.27 Build 20141015 Rel.38077n
Table 2: Comparative routing performance (Mbps)

For the unidirectional tests, the IxChariot chart below shows the cyclical variation typically seen in this test. Average uplink is slightly higher than downlink; nothing to get too worked up over.

Tenda AC15 routing unidirectional throughput

Tenda AC15 routing unidirectional throughput

The simultaneous up and downlink test shows the router had some trouble maintaining smooth traffic in both directions. Note up and downlink directions trade places on top at various times during the test run.

Tenda AC15 routing bidirectional throughput

Tenda AC15 routing bidirectional throughput

Storage Performance

While many AC1900 class routers have both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, using USB 3.0 ports should produce faster results. There are also volume and file size limitations associated with FAT32, so we've elected to show USB 3.0 storage performance charts only for the NTFS file format. (FAT32 data can be found in the Router Charts.)

The chart below shows results for all AC1900 class routers tested with the latest testing methodology. I've highlighted the results for the Tenda AC15 to make it easier to find. For NTFS Write, the Tenda came in at number four with 33.3 MB/s - almost exactly half of the throughput achieved by the Linksys WRT1900AC router. For NTFS Read, again the Tenda AC15 was number four with 51 MB/s, about 2/3 of the Linksys chart-topping 75.1 MB/s.

AC1900 class router storage throughput - NTFS & USB3.0

AC1900 class router storage throughput - NTFS & USB3.0

Considering the AC15's price, however, these results are pretty good, especially when compared to other significantly pricier routers.

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