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You are here: NAS NAS Reviews New To The Charts: QNAP TS-419P+

New To The Charts: QNAP TS-419P+

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QNAP TS-419P+The QNAP TS-419P+ has been added to the NAS Charts.

The TS-419P+ is a quad-drive version of its new one and two bay 1.6 GHz Marvell Kirkwood based NASes that I've recently tested.

It shares all of the features of its siblings and adds RAID 5, 5+ spare and 6 volume support.



The 419P+ is surprisingly quiet for a four-bay NAS, even a bit quieter than the TS-219P+. Once the system finished booting, fan noise was negligible and drive noise dominated, but was muted.

Power consumption measured 36 W with the four 1 TB SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HE103SJ 3.5" SATA drives QNAP loaded into the review sample spinning and a low 16 W with the drives spun down after a programmable idle period.

Tests were run with recently-released 3.3.9 Build 0105T updated firmware using our latest test process. The Benchmark summary below gathers all the test results into one place for easy reference.

QNAP TS-419P+ Benchmark Summary

QNAP TS-419P+ Benchmark Summary

Windows File copy write for a RAID 5 volume measured 47 MB/s and read came in at 95 MB/s. RAID 0 file copy write of 66 MB/s and read of 86 MB/s showed that the Kirkwood processor is a bit underpowered to handle RAID 5's extra overhead.

NASPT File Copy writes were higher than the Windows file copies at 86 and 62 MB/s for RAID 0 and 5, respectively. NASPT File Copy reads were lower, coming in at 76 and 71 MB/s for RAID 0 and 5.

The tougher NASPT Directory Copy tests yielded speeds in the mid-teen MB/s for write and read of RAID 0 and 5 volumes.

Like the other P+ NASes, the 419P+ was not able to complete all NASPT tests, so the Office Productivity results in the Benchmark summary are once again missing. Failure to complete all tests can be due to write cacheing, oplocks or simultaneous connection limits baked into the NAS OS and usually occur in one of the NASPT tests that reads and writes multiple folders of small to medium sized files.

Backup speed to an attached USB drive basically maxed out the bus at 25 - 26 MB/s for FAT, NTFS and EXT3 formatted attached drives. Switching to an eSATA connection to our standard Iomega UltraMax Pro configured in RAID 0 yielded speedier results of 69 MB/s for FAT, EXT3 and 58 MB/s for NTFS.

Rsync network backup to the NAS testbed running Delta Copy produced 26 MB/s, similar to attached USB drive speeds.

iSCSI write and read to a 10 GB target on a RAID 5 volume produced 38 MB/s and 57 MB/s, respectively.

For competitive comparison, check the RAID 5 File Copy Write and Read charts below, filtered for four-drive NASes. As expected, the 419P+ generally can't match dual-core Atom-based competitors like QNAP's TS-459 Pro+ or Synology's DS411+. In fact, there aren't any other four-bay 1.6 GHz Kirkwood powered NASes currently in the charts to directly compare against.

File Copy Write Comparison - four bay NASes

File Copy Write Comparison - four bay NASes

The 419P+ is much more competitive on reads, only slightly behind the D410 Atom based QNAP TS-439 Pro II.

File Copy Read Comparison - four bay NASes

File Copy Read Comparison - four bay NASes

It seems odd to have a typically premium-priced NETGEAR be a good competitive alternative. But the driveless ReadyNAS Ultra4 (RNDU4000) with a D410 Atom and 1 GB of RAM is actually pretty good at essentially the same price.

QNAP's V3.3 OS feature set is covered in the recent review, so there is no full review planned for the TS-419P+. Please use the NAS Charts to further explore and compare the TS-419P+' performance.

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With a pinch of salt

Overall rating: 
Reviewed by sanjiv
September 30, 2011
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The drive was bought along with the
Seagate Barracuda ST2000DL003 2 TB 3.5" Internal Hard Drives which were part of the recommended drives. Surprisingly by the time I got the package home, these drives were off the compatible list.
Changed out all the drives to the Hitachi deskstar 2 tb. This time three of the four drives were recognized, the fourth one not being read by the NAS. Changed that out to no avail. From then on all hell broke loose as the NAS would not even allow me to reinitialize the drives!

Overall the NAS is super quiet, transfer speeds are respectable, iphone integration is awesome but in terms of ease of use is definitely no where near the apple sphere. DO NOT BUY if you are not deep into figuring out networks, IP, etc. It can be a nightmare.

Waiting for my replacement as the old one was RMA'd by qnap. One word, Qnap customer support was really good. But I rather have a product where i do not need to deal with customer support, especially for a premium drive like this one.


Nice unit for a home user and probably a small bussines?

Overall rating: 
Reviewed by Billy von Stuben
February 05, 2011
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I have this unit setup with 4 drives totaling 4TB before going on RAID5. The unit is super small and very quiet as it sits on my home office desk next to my iMac.

So far I have been very pleased with it and I will probably never use all of its features. File transfers are not bad and I did not mind waiting a couple hours for hundreds of gig I moved from my iMac's 1TB hard drive and several other HDs I had laying around.

It was immediately discoverable on my iMac, MBP and couple of XP laptops. I am still trying to figure out how to connect it under a laptop running Vista but I am not pressed for time. This Vista laptop is only used for my scanner and Vista by itself is a POS. Maybe someday I will figure out how to but this is not a fault to this NAS.

My only issue, gripe and complaint is that I can't get my external usb to be discoverable on the network. I want to use TM from my laptop to back to this external drive connected to the NAS while leaving the internal capacity of my RAID5 completely reserved for data only. I've done lots of research on this but only to find out that what I want i not possible. At least not yet. Hurry up qnap with a fix on this.

Overall, nice unit and very pleased with its performance. I will be happier if the TM service will allow to change the size of the share it creates for TM. The service will only allow to go as small as one terabyte and I just need it to be 500 gig. This is where they only get 4 stars out of five.

Until then, I hope Qnap takes a very good lead with their products.

Billy von Stuben.