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You are here: Wireless Wireless Reviews NETGEAR R6300 WiFi Router-802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit Full Review

NETGEAR R6300 WiFi Router-802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit Full Review

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WiFi Router - 802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit
At a glance
ProductNETGEAR R6300 WiFi Router - 802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit   [Website]
SummaryBroadcom-based simultaneous dual-band AC1750 class Draft 2.0 802.11ac router
Pros• Has WDS, Client Bridge and AP modes
• Can reach almost 500 Mbps total 11ac throughput
Cons• No site survey in client bridge mode
• Can't adjust transmit power

Typical Price: $169  Check NewEgg  Check Amazon


The First Look was based on original V1.0.0.68_1.0.16 firmware, which lacked support for guest networks. NETGEAR has since posted three updates with the lastest V1.0.2.14_1.0.23 firmware including both the missing guest networks and, according to NETGEAR, providing some improvements in draft 11ac mode performance. So this review includes a retest of 5 GHz 80 MHz mode tests as well as 2.4 and 5 GHz testing with our standard Intel 6300 three-stream N client.

NETGEAR has posted the R6300's User Manual, so I was able to grab my usual front and rear panel annotated views shown below.

R6300 front panel callouts

R6300 front panel callouts

As noted in the First Look, the two USB ports are 2.0 and there is no indication on either the front or rear panels of wired or wireless network activity.

R6300 rear panel callouts

R6300 rear panel callouts


An anonymous donor was kind enough to open up the R6300 and pass along some photos. The photo below shows six antennas—three for each radio.

R6300 inside front

R6300 inside front

Removing the board and flipping it over shows all key components with heatsinks or spreaders. The mini-PCIe module at the left of the photo looks awfully familiar. It's safe to say that it's the same one used in Buffalo's WZR-D1800H router and WLI-H4-D1300 bridge.

R6300 inside rear

R6300 inside rear

Some digging around has confirmed that the components used in the R6300, aside from the 5 GHz radio, are the same as used on the WNDR4500. The component summary below pulls all the details into one handy place. The components are the same used in the Buffalo draft 11ac products except for the switch, which is a BCM53125 in the Buffalos.

CPU Broadcom BCM4706
Switch Broadcom BCM53115
RAM 128 MB
Flash 128 MB
2.4 GHz Radio - BCM4331
- SiGE SE2594L Dual Band 802.11a/b/g/n
Wireless LAN Front End (x3)
5 GHz radio - Broadcom BCM4360
- Skyworks SE5003L 5 GHz, 23dBm Power Amp
w/ Power Detector (x3)
Table 1: Component summary

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Good while it lasted

Overall rating: 
Reviewed by jerry chandler
September 20, 2013
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I have owned this router since they were put on the market in 2012. Today it died. After installing the latest firmware update the router would not work. It seems the wired portion of the router would no longer work. The wireless systems worked; however, no ports including internet were operating. Numerous attempts to repair the firmware brought it back even with the help of customer support.

The router was stable for me up until the day it died (and my wallet cried).


R6300 Transfer Rates

Overall rating: 
Reviewed by R Pace
February 23, 2013
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I opted for the R6300 in large part due to antenna-less design (higher WAF). I've also had good luck with NETGEAR equipment in the past. I upgraded from a WNDR3700 v1 and also purchased an A6200 usb adapter for the wife's laptop. Router replacement was without incident; I was up and running in a matter of minutes. I used the same SSID and password so all wireless devices reconnected easily.

Wireless improvement was strong even without the A6200 adapter. With the adapter it was a 10-fold gain. Amazing speed.

Here's my wireless results:
File transfer 350MB single file to wireless-N 2.4 Ghz laptop, approx 25 ft away through 3 walls
WNDR3700 - 186 sec (approx 14 Mbs)
R6300 without A6200 adapter - 124 sec (approx 21 Mbs)
R6300 with A6200 (5Ghz AC) - 17 sec (approx 156 Mbs)

Well worth the investment. Stylish design although the bottom ports are a bit awkward. It may not have quite the strength of the ASUS model but wireless improvement cannot be questioned. Wired and other feature tests ongoing.


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