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You are here: Wireless Wireless Reviews Ubiquiti UAP-AC Access Point Reviewed

Ubiquiti UAP-AC Access Point Reviewed

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At a glance
ProductUbiquiti UAP-AC UniFi AP-AC   [Website]
SummaryBroadcom-based draft 802.11ac AP with PoE and biz-grade management system
Pros• 802.3at PoE powered (injector included)
• Inconspicuous wall and ceiling mounting options
Cons• Poor 5 GHz range
• Relatively expensive

Typical Price: $268  Compare Prices  Check Amazon


Ubiquiti has gained a reputation for making reasonably-priced, high performance wireless products. Although they cater primarily to businesses and service providers, some of their products have attracted a "prosumer" following. We've previously reviewed the (now defunct) PowerAP N and most recently its EdgeRouter Lite.

This time we turn our attention to Ubiquiti's first draft 802.11ac access point, the UAP-AC. This review will cover the AC's hardware features and performance. We'll be doing a separate in-depth review of Ubiquiti's UniFi 3.0 system that all its APs run under in a few weeks.

The UAP-AC is an business-grade access point managed via software installed on a Windows, MacOS or Linux computer vs. a hardware controller or built-in web interface. Included in its package are a mounting bracket, ceiling backing plate, various screws and nuts, power cord, 48V PoE GigE adapter and Controller CD with user guide.

The UAP-AC is meant to be installed on a wall or ceiling and includes brackets for mounting. Being an enterprise-level access point the exterior is all business. The human-facing side of the access point has an LED which shows the various states of the access point. The back side includes two switched Gigabit Ethernet ports.

A reset button is also included which allows for restarts as well as returning to factory defaults. Beyond that there is only the locking clip which prevents easy removal of the access point.

Ubiquiti UAP-AC front and rear panel callouts

Ubiquiti UAP-AC front and rear panel callouts


The board design of the UAP-AC looks very clean and compact.

Ubiquiti UAP-AC inside

Ubiquiti UAP-AC inside

Removing the heat spreaders provided a good look at all the main components, which are summarized in Table 1.

Ubiquiti UAP-AC inside - naked

Ubiquiti UAP-AC inside - naked

The table shows that the design sticks closely with the key components used in all first-generation draft 11ac routers. The table includes the D-Link DIR-868L— a second-generation AC1750 class router that I will be comparing performance to later. Note that only the CPU is different.

Ubiquiti UAP-AC D-Link DIR-868L
CPU Broadcom BCM4706 Broadcom BCM4708X
Switch Broadcom BCM53125 In BCM4708X
RAM 256 MB Hynix H5PS1G63JFR (x2) 128 MB
Flash 16 MB Winbond 25Q128FVFG 128 MB
2.4 GHz Radio - BCM4331KMLG
- SiGe 2605L (x3) 2.4 GHz Hi Power WLAN power amp
- BCM4331
- Unidentified external power amplifier (x3)
5 GHz radio - Broadcom BCM4360
- Skyworks SE5003L 5 GHz, 23dBm Power Amp w/ Power Detector (x3)
- Broadcom BCM4360
- Unidentified power amplifier (x3)
Table 1: Access Point component summary and comparison

The AC is powered only via 802.3at Power over Ethernet. But Ubiquiti nicely includes a 48V, 0.5A PoE adapter.

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Excellent Coverage & Speed

Overall rating: 
Reviewed by Thomas
April 12, 2014
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This access point is the best system I have come across to date. Fantastic all round and super easy setup - You dont need to be a geek to get this working!

Setup, coverage and performance on my Mac Air, iPhones etc is flawless.
The office system I installed recently with 2 AP's covering 2 floors with 15 users is working like a dream.

Thumbs up


Extremely disappointed

Overall rating: 
Reviewed by touser
August 08, 2013
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I naively ordered 3 of these units months ago and waited anxiously for them to finally arrive just last week. At this point i'm extremely disappointed and praying that all of these issues can be resolved in software. Up until the latest UniFi beta (3.1.4) that was released this week 802.11AC macbook air clients weren't even able to connect via 5GHz. Throughput has been dismal over 5GHz 802.11AC for me as well, with NFS transfer rates topping out at a measly 15MB/s from my macbook air. This is far worse than with my airport extreme under the exact same conditions that is able to push 56MB/s+ from the macbook air, no doubt a macbook pro would be quicker with its 3x3 setup.

If all of that wasn't bad enough very few of the advanced features that make this system actually worthwhile are enabled for the AC unit, especially the zero hand-off roaming feature! I highly recommended staying far, far away from the AC units for now.


Ubiquiti's Reply

Overall rating: 
Reviewed by Brent
July 11, 2013
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In response to this review, Ubiquiti has created two videos. Their results far surpass those of smallnetworkbuilder's. I wonder accounts for the discrepancies.

Video 1:

Video 2:


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