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Performance - more

Figures 15 through 18 compare the Iomega with other dual-drive products supporting gigabit LAN connections, including the Hammer myshare, Maxtor Shared Storage II and HP Media Vault.

In the figures below, you can see that in general, the StorCenter seems to lag behind the others in read speed while it's generally in the middle of the pack for writing. Specifically note the comparative 100 Mbps read test in Figure 16 where the StorCenter falls well short of the others.

1000 Mbps Read
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Figure 15: Comparative 1000 Mbps Read Performance

100 Mbps Read
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Figure 16: Comparative 100 Mbps Read Performance

1000 Mbps Write
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Figure 17: Comparative 1000 Mbps Write Performance

100 Mbps Write
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Figure 18: Comparative 100 Mbps Write Performance

To do a bit of a real-world testing, I did a drag-and-drop test, moving files back and forth to the StorCenter with the unit in Mirror mode. For this test, I used my MacBook Pro, 2 GHz Intel Core Duo with 1.5 GB of RAM running Windows XP SP2 natively. The directory tree I copied contained 4,100 files, using just over a gigabyte. As you can see in the table below, there was little difference in write speed vs. read speed, which is a bit unusual.

1000 Mbps LAN 100 Mbs LAN
Write to StorCenter ~ 178 sec (5.75 MB/s) ~ 227 sec (4.5 MB/s)
Read from StorCenter ~ 184 sec (5.56 MB/s) ~ 227 sec (4.5 MB/s)
Table 1: StorCenter Windows XP Drag-and-Drop Filecopy times

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