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Time Machine - I also tested the Time Machine backup feature. You have to enable Time Machine under the Backup Center in the Local Settings page and select a share. But I ran into a problem that I've also seen on other NASes.

Initially, I couldn't get the volume to mount within the Time Machine preferences dialog box. It rejected my user name/password. I worked around this by doing an AFP mount from the Connect to Server (Apple K) using the format afp://ip_address. As soon as I entered the credentials, the volume was mounted and I was able to use the TN-200's share for Time Machine backup.

Time Machine backup in progress using a share on the TN-200 NAS

Time Machine backup in progress using a share on the TN-200 NAS

System Notification - The TN200 has fairly good notification features. You can be notified via email and select the events for notification. You can also email the internal syslog when it gets full or on a scheduled basis. Alternatively, if you have a Syslog server, you can log events from your TN-200 directly to your Syslog server.

I set up the TN-200 for email notifications to see how it would work when I performed our standard "Drive Pull" test. The screenshot below shows a partial list of event triggers. Event triggers not shown due to screen scrolling include Send Log file (Either when it's full or on a scheduled basis); Oce torrent download is done; Send S.M.A.R.T. Test Result; and Recovering from a power failure. Triggers that I'd also like to see would include notification of FTP connections as well as FTP uploads/downloads.

TRENDnet TN-200 Notification Event Triggers

TRENDnet TN-200 Notification Event Triggers

Status - The TN-200 has a decent status menu. The Status->Device menu shows CPU utilization, RAM utilization and current device temperature. Check the TN-200 emulator for more screens.

TRENDnet TN-200 Status

TRENDnet TN-200 Status

Drive Pull Test

I initially configured the TN-200 as a RAID 1 device - ie, data mirrored on both drives. As we often do, I performed a drive pull test to see how the TN-200 reacted to a simulated drive failure. To run the test, I started to copy a number of directories to a share on the TN-200. While the file copy was in progress, I pulled the right hand drive.

To my surprise, the file copy stopped and my Windows 7 computer temporarily lost its connection to the mapped drive. I clicked on the mapped drive a few seconds later, and the drive connection was re-established. The file copy did not resume - only part of the files were copied, but no data was lost. With many redundant RAID configurations on other brands, the drive copy is not interrupted, so I was surprised when that happened on this test.

E-mail notification notified me of the drive removal, and of the volume running in a degraded condition. I shut down the device and re-inserted the drive (the TN-200 does not support drive hot-swapping). An email notified me that the volume was rebuilding and later that "Volume_1 Has Been Rebuilt". The total rebuild time for the pair of 400 GB disks was 1 hour 44 minutes.

I was a bit disappointed about the visual indicators on the device. When I pulled the drive, the associated drive indicator light went out. The remaining light remained illuminated green. There was no visual indication that the RAID 1 array was running in a degraded condition other than there only being a single drive light illuminated.

When I logged into the Management Center, there wasn't a home page notification about the array running in a degraded condition. During the RAID rebuild, the only visual indication provided was the two HD indicator lights flashing on/off simultaneously. Since the LEDs used for the front panel indicators are multi-colored, I think that TRENDnet missed an opportunity to use Red to flag the degraded array condition. You can find the status of your RAID rebuild in the Management Center under Status->Disk.

TRENDnet TN-200 Disk Status showing RAID 1 rebuild

TRENDnet TN-200 Disk Status showing RAID 1 rebuild

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