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RAID 5 Class NAS Ranking

As with the RAID 1 rankings above, I used the NAS ranker to filter for RAID 5 class products, which include the ASUSTOR AS5004T and applied the Test Method filter for Revision 5. In the composite image below, the Total NAS ranking is shown on the left, and the results, sorted by ascending price, are displayed on the right.

The results were somewhat different than for the RAID 1 results above. Here, the #1 product is more than twice the price of the ASUSTOR AS5004T, and there is a three-way tie for #2. While there are five NASes with a Total NAS rank above the AS5004T, all of them are significantly more expensive.

Looking at the chart on the right, sorted by ascending price, the ASUSTOR AS5004T looks pretty good ranked at #4. The other products cheaper than the AS5004T are ranked #11 and #13. Interestingly, the #11 product is the ASUSTOR AS-304T.



For RAID 5, I decided to compare the two products that were closest in price to the $408 ASUSTOR AS5004T, the $377 ASUSTOR AS-304T and $445 ASUSTOR AS-204TE. This really looks like a pricing anomaly, as the poorer performing AS-204TE, ranked #12, is actually priced more than the significantly faster AS5004T. Let's look at the performance summaries.

Looking at the subcategories, the results were pretty much as expected. The AS5004T outperformed both of its siblings in every subcategory and for Total NAS - and by a significant amount. In addition, the AS-304T outperformed the higher priced and lower performing entry model AS204TE, as expected, in every subcategory except for Mixed Read Write.

Ranker Performance Summary comparison

Ranker Performance Summary comparison

Closing Thoughts

ASUSTOR seems to be following QNAP's business model of having a lot of NASes (perhaps too many) with similar price and performance and running a common operating system. The introduction of the AS500XT family offers a significant upgrade in power and performance compared to the AS-302T and AS-304T. The AS5002T tops the performance charts and is only $7 more expensive (Amazon pricing at time of review) than the AS-302T. Why would you even consider the AS-302T, when you pick up a second Gigabit Ethernet port, 2 eSATA ports, one more USB 3.0 port and S/PDIF audio output with the AS5002T?

Similarly, for the AS5004T, while there are a number of products with better performance rankings, they are hundreds of dollars more than the $408 AS5004T. Though priced $31 more than its lesser-powered AS-304T sibling, it handily won every performance subcategory in the NAS Ranker performance comparison. And the AS-204TE; what can I say? With the price/performance anomaly I pointed out, I'd be surprised if they sold very many at a price that's higher the much better performing AS5002T.

As Tim concluded in his AS-30XT review, ASUSTOR is gaining a reputation for high performance NASes at affordable prices. The AS5002T and AS5004T have just raised the bar - and possibly spelled the demise of some of its 2 and 3 series NASes.

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