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SecureMind Surveillance Manager - Setup

MindTree's SecureMind Surveillance Manager is the next step up from Iomega's Video Surveillance feature. As expected, it adds a great deal more features such as Motion detection, access to some camera settings such as Stream configurations, PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) controls if supported by the camera and a bunch of other things which we'll get to shortly.

SecureMind also has a nice status screen that provides real-time information from the camera such as codec, resolution, framerate, bit rate and online status. I found the status screen (Figure 5) very helpful, especially when working with several cameras.

Status page of the SecureMind Surveillance Manager software
Figure 5: Status page of the SecureMind Surveillance Manager software

Iomega bundles one SecureMind licence with the ix2-dl. Additional licenses can be purchased up to the StorCenter's supported limit. Buying two licenses costs $69.99. Buying four costs a penny more than buying two sets of two at $139.99. After that, prices start to drop drastically as more licenses are purchased (Figure 6).

Licensing prices for the SecureMind Surveillance Manager software
Figure 6: Licensing prices for the SecureMind Surveillance Manager software

While this additional cost could add up quickly, it's still more economical than additional licenses for other NAS vendors like Synology, which charge about $50 a camera, depending on which third party vendor you choose.

Adding cameras to SecureMind was nearly as simple as it was with the built-in Video Surveillance software. Cameras on the network weren't automatically installed like in the built-in software, but the option to "Search Camera" worked well and found the three Axis cameras Iomega provided (Figure 7). I also plugged a USB Microsoft LifeCam into the back of the ix2-dl NAS to see if it would work and it did!

Camera Search screen in the SecureMind Surveillance Manager software
Figure 7: Camera Search screen in the SecureMind Surveillance Manager software

For cameras that weren't found, there is an Add IP Camera Manually option. SecureMind supports more cameras than Iomega's Video Surveillance feature. But the list is still rather limited. Camera vendors and/or specifications supported include Acti, Axis, Digisol, iPux, LG, Panasonic, Probe, Sony, Vivotek Inc., Wipro, ONVIF, Bosch and Etrovision. Not being able to add my existing Foscam security cameras, since they weren't supported, wasn't necessarily a surprise, but it was unfortunate.

SecureMind Surveillance Manager - In Use

SecureMind's Live View screen was both adequate and intuitive. In the four quadrant layout view in Figure 8 you can see the four cameras I had installed. From the Live View you can manually record, adjust volume, brightness, contrast and hue. You can also use PTZ controls if the camera supports them, as well as zoom, focus, iris, and speed of the PTZ operation.

SecureMind Live View
Figure 8: SecureMind Live View

The Playback tab (Figure 9) shows all recordings that have been stored for all cameras. You can narrow down searches to one camera, several cameras, or all cameras. Additionally you can search by Activity recording, alarm recording, manual recording, or All recordings. It could be further narrowed down by looking at the recordings in a list view, which showed the type of recording as well as the times, or in a timeline view, which showed all events of the day specified.

SecureMind Playback screen
Figure 9: SecureMind Playback screen

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