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Linksys tends to be “leaky” with data about unannounced products. It also, like most other consumer networking companies, releases new versions of its products (mostly wireless) without fanfare. I occasionally troll for signs of these “stealth” products and my latest excursions turned up quite a few.

Gigabit Ethernet

It looks like Linksys will be joining D-Link and ASUS in releasing a router with built-in gigabit Ethernet switch. However given its styling, model number, and pricing that I was able to find, the RV0041 looks like it’s aimed more at small businesses than consumers.

Linksys RV0041

Linksys RV0041

Like other members of the “RV” line, the RV0041 can act as an IPsec VPN endpoint and supports up to 50 tunnels. In addition to the built-in 4 port 10/100/1000 switch, it also has a miniGBIC slot that can accept a 100Mbps (!) fiber module for alternate WAN connection. Surprisingly, the gigabit switch doesn’t appear to support jumbo frames. Street pricing looks to be between $225 and $250.

To help get hooked up the the RV0041, it looks like Linksys plans to release the PCM1000 Gigabit Notebook adapter and USB1000 Gigabit USB adapter at street pricing of about $50 and $60 respectively.

Linksys USB1000 Linksys PCM1000
USB1000 PCM1000


Since Linksys released the new WRTP54G wireless VoIP router as part of its “G for Free” offer with Vonage, why not a wired-only version? The RTP300 Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports seems to be the answer to that question. Although it doesn’t look like it’s being offered in any VoIP bundles yet, the product description mentions Vonage.

RTP300 Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports

RTP300 Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports

Neither detailed specs nor a user manual are posted yet. But the info that is available says the RTP300 has a four port 10/100 switch vs. the 3 ports in the RT31P2, which the RTP300 probably replaces.

More Stuff

Other Routers

The packaging style used on the WRTP54G and RTP300 is also being used on two other routers I found. The WAG354G Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway appears to be a Europe-only offering right now and combines an ADSL2+ Modem, router, 4-port switch and 802.11g wireless AP.

WAG354G Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway

WAG354G Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway

What does look to be now available in the U.S. is the RT042 Broadband Router with QoS. The RT042 is a four-port, dual-WAN router that includes abilities to set maximum and minimum bandwidth per user and also by application. Reporting capabilities include each user’s top 10 visited websites and bandwidth used by application. It also includes other built-in parental controls. Street pricing starts around $81.

RT042 Broadband Router with QoS

RT042 Broadband Router with QoS


Perhaps to counter NETGEAR’s recent announcement of an AP version of its RangeMax router, Linksys appears to be readying an AP version of its WRT54GX router based on Airgo Networks’ True MIMO chipset. The WAP54GX also sports a more robust (and upgradable) tri-antenna design using RP-SMA antenna connectors.

WAP54GX SRX / True MIMO Access Point

WAP54GX SRX / True MIMO Access Point

According to, the new design is also being rolled into the WRT54GX router and is already showing up in stores. This change should address user complaints of antennas breaking on the original design. also has details on a number of other new and refreshed Linksys wireless products, including the WMP54GX SRX / True MIMO PCI Card and WTR54GS Wireless G Travel Router with SpeedBooster. Both of these products pop up in a number of on-line retailers so should appear within a few weeks. Street for the WTR54GS starts around $80 and around $100 for the WMP54GX.

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