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Another new feature I see in the TS-209 is the inclusion of a couple of multimedia servers. For serving content to UPnP A/V devices, QNAP has added a server from Twonkyvision. I've used this server previously with a number of different UPnP A/V devices, and it has performed well. Figure 9 shows the configuration screen for the Twonkyvision server.

UPnP A/V configuration

Figure 9: UPnP A/V configuration

The other new server included with the TS-209 is an iTunes compatible server. Figure 10 shows a portion of the iTunes application on my Mac after I've connected to the iTunes server on the TS-209 Pro.

iTunes Support

Figure 10: iTunes Support

As you can see, the album art for the selected song has been served up, and the DRM-restricted song played fine. From my poking around with the command line, I could see that the server being used was Firefly. Firefly normally runs a configuration service on port 3689, but when I connected to that port on the TS-209, instead of the standard configuration screen, my browser was served up a binary dump of the "indexnas.cgi" executable that is used internally for many TS-209 services. Oops, something is mis-configured here.

Raid Support

A big difference between the TS-101 (and TS-109 Pro) and the TS-209 is dual-drive support and the RAID capabilities that come with it. Figure 11 shows the RAID setup screen.

RAID Setup

Figure 11: RAID Setup

In this screen, you can see the various RAID modes that are supported, along with a nice description of what each mode means. In this case, I am set up for mirroring mode, where my total capacity is cut in half, but my data is duplicated for security in case of disk failure.

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