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Firewall Settings

Firewall Settings consist of port filtering that allows you to enable or disable TCP or UDP ports. Port Forwarding and DMZ are also options under Firewall Settings, which allow the usual forwarding of a port, or port ranges, to a specific IP address or allowing unrestricted access to a specific IP address.

VLANs are configurable for each of the wired ports, each wireless SSID, and the WAN port.

Amped Wireless R10000G VLAN screen
Figure 11: Amped Wireless R10000G VLAN screen

Lastly, the R10000G has extensive configurable options for Denial of Service, allowing the user to customize what they want to block and set thresholds as to what they consider an attack.

Amped Wireless R10000G Denial of Service settings screen
Figure 12: Amped Wireless R10000G Denial of Service settings screen

Quality of Service

Quality of Service is less customizable than other routers I've seen, supporting QoS at the device level vs. the service level. For instance, if you wanted to limit bandwidth on your network for peer-to-peer file sharing applications, there appeared to be no way to do it within these settings. You could however, guarantee bandwidth to things such as VoIP devices by specifying their IP or MAC address.

Amped Wireless R10000G Quality of Service settings screen
Figure 13: Amped Wireless R10000G Quality of Service settings screen


Management options are sadly lacking any sort of bandwidth monitor, which would have been nice. There is a Network Statistics page, but the statistics are limited to packets sent and received and also do not show packet transmission errors, which can be helpful diagnosing wireless issues. System status shows Uptime, Firmware version, WAN and LAN IP as well as Wireless Settings and clock. System logs are also found on under Management and are disabled by default. They are also deleted each time the router is rebooted or powered off.

One last feature of the router is the Amped Wireless Wi-Fi Analytics tool, which is available on the Android market. The Wi-Fi Analytics apps gives any user (not just Amped Wireless users) tools to analyze their wireless network such as a Site Survey, Channel Interference, momentary channel graphs, historical channel graphs, and a signal strength meter. Figure 14 below shows the different screens combined together in one photo.

Combined screens of the Wi-Fi Analytics Tool Android app
Figure 14: Combined screens of the Wi-Fi Analytics Tool Android app

Routing Performance

Note: Testing by Tim Higgins

The routing and wireless performance of this router is sure to cause a stir in the SNB Forums. All tests were run with the latest v2.5.2.02 upgraded firmware. The ASUS RT-N56U Black Diamond has topped the SmallNetBuilder Routing Throughput Charts for some time.

But Table 1 shows the R10000G beating the Black Diamond in LAN to WAN throughput. Checking the Charts shows the R10000G coming in second for Total Simultaneous Throughput and in fourth place for WAN to LAN throughput. For WAN to LAN throughput the ASUS is still safe, with the R10000G coming in 4th highest at 765.3 Mbps. Maximum connections for the R10000G were a comparatively low 4,096, however.

Test Description Amped R10000G ASUS RT-N56U
WAN - LAN 765 Mbps 802 Mbps
LAN - WAN 904 Mbps 862 Mbps
Total Simultaneous 1243 Mbps 1269 Mbps
Maximum Simultaneous Connections 4,096 34,925
Firmware Version v2.5.2.02
Table 1: Routing throughput summary

The IxChariot summary plot in Figure 15 is difficult to interpret, given the relatively high variation shown. But, given the R10000G's very high throughput, at least some of the variation can be attributed to IxChariot.

Amped R10000G Routing throughput plots

Figure 15: Amped R10000G Routing throughput plots

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