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Testing and analysis by Tim Higgins
CAP1200 has been retested.

The CAP1200 and WAP1750 were tested using the V8 Wireless test process. All wireless testing was done using latest available 1.1.0 firmware on the CAP and 1.1.7 on the WAP. Each access point was first reset to factory defaults and Channel 6 and 20 MHz bandwidth mode set for 2.4 GHz and Channel 153 and 80 MHz bandwidth mode for 5 GHz. All testing was done using WPA2 / AES secured connections.

The photo below shows the CAP1200 in the test chamber. Test runs were done with the AP sitting directly on the chamber turntable and with it raised approximately 3 inches as shown in the photo. Downlink throughput was slightly higher with the AP raised, that position was used for testing. The AP was centered X and Y on the turntable, which centered it on the test chamber antenna array.

CAP1200 in Test Chamber

CAP1200 in Test Chamber

The WAP1750 body was positioned horizontally on the turntable with the three antennas centered X and Y. This ensured the AP antennas would not be above the chamber antennas.

The Benchmark Summaries below shows the average of throughput measurements made in all test locations for the CAP1200...

CAP1200 Benchmark Summary

CAP1200 Benchmark Summary

...and WAP1750.

WAP1750 Benchmark Summary

WAP1750 Benchmark Summary

The CAP1200 is the first AC1200 access point tested with the current Version 8 test process, so we have no APs to compare with and the Wireless Ranker is no help. The Charts also fail us since they don't allow comparing routers and access points. So you'll have to do a little interpolation between two charts.

The CAP1200 will be on the left; the ASUS RT-AC56U and Linksys EA6350 AC1200 routers on the right. I didn't include the TP-LINK Archer C5 top-ranked AC1200 router because it's really an AC1750 router, at least in 2.4 GHz. Be sure to keep an eye on the Y axis; it autoscales and most times changes between the two plots.

For 2.4 GHz downlink, the CAP1200 is between the ASUS and Linksys with low attenuation values (high signal levels). Throughput starts to fall off at 24 dB; about the same time as the Linksys, but earlier than ASUS. The ASUS is the winner for range, staying connected all the way out the 63 dB test limit.

CAP1200 throughput vs. attenuation - 2.4 GHz downlink

CAP1200 throughput vs. attenuation - 2.4 GHz downlink

The 2.4 GHz uplink plots are easier to compare since the scales are the same. The CAP1200's profile looks more like the Linksys, except it stays connected 3dB longer.

CAP1200 throughput vs. attenuation - 2.4 GHz uplink

CAP1200 throughput vs. attenuation - 2.4 GHz uplink

5 GHz downlink has the Edimax behaving more like the Linksys at the start of the run. But while the ASUS doesn't achieve the high starting throughput of the other two products, it stays connected the longest, indicating superior range.

CAP1200 throughput vs. attenuation - 5 GHz downlink

CAP1200 throughput vs. attenuation - 5 GHz downlink

5 GHz uplink tells a similar story; higher starting throughput than the ASUS, but earlier disconnect.

CAP1200 throughput vs. attenuation - 5 GHz uplink

CAP1200 throughput vs. attenuation - 5 GHz uplink

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