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Performance - WAP1750

Evaluating the WAP1750's performance is easier, albeit limited since we have only the Linksys LAPC1750PRO to compare. 2.4 GHz downlink shows the two products pretty close, although the Edimax runs above the Linksys for the middle attenuation values.

WAP1750 throughput vs. attenuation - 2.4 GHz downlink

WAP1750 throughput vs. attenuation - 2.4 GHz downlink

In the 2.4 GHz uplink plot, the Edimax clearly outdoes the Linksys over much of the test range.

WAP1750 throughput vs. attenuation - 2.4 GHz uplink

WAP1750 throughput vs. attenuation - 2.4 GHz uplink

5 GHz downlink finds the Edimax with both higher throughput at all attenuation values and significantly better range, disconnecting after 39 dB vs. the Linksys' 27 dB.

WAP1750 throughput vs. attenuation - 5 GHz downlink

WAP1750 throughput vs. attenuation - 5 GHz downlink

Finally, 5 GHz uplink shows the Edimax doesn't achieve the same peak throughput as the LAPC1750PRO, but it again provides significantly better range.

WAP1750 throughput vs. attenuation - 5 GHz downlink

WAP1750 throughput vs. attenuation - 5 GHz downlink

Closing Thoughts

I've reviewed Wi-Fi solutions from ZyXEL and Ubiquiti, and the Edimax solution has similarities to both. Like the ZyXEL solution, Edimax allows you to convert one of the APs to an AP controller. And like the Ubiquiti UniFi solution, Edimax provides a nice mapping tool for displaying exact physical locations of the access points.

In Table 2, I've listed current prices for the Edimax, ZyXEL, and Ubiquiti access points.

Access Point Class Price
Edimax CAP1200 AC1200 $150
Edimax WAP1750 AC1750 $280
ZyXEL NWA3560n N600 $298
Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC AC1750 $271
Table 2: AP price comparison

The CAP1200 is much less expensive than the ZyXEL and Ubiquiti APs, while the WAP1750 is about the same price as the other two. Keep in mind the ZyXEL is N600 class (simultaneous dual-band N 2x2), while the CAP1200 is the more up-to-date AC1200 (simultaneous dual-band AC 2x2).

Using the Edimax CAP1200 as a controller for an Edimax Pro-based small network would be much less expensive than using a ZyXEL NWA3560n. And although Ubiquiti's free UniFi controller software is tough to beat in price and has powerful features, the UAP-AC is Ubiquiti's only AC AP.

Overall, the Edimax Pro Wi-Fi system is quite simple to use and was stable during my testing. All my Wi-Fi devices quickly connected and stayed connected to the CAP1200 and WAP1750.

I also like Edimax's NMS solution, it is quite easy to set up. The only time I consulted the manual was to double check details. I never needed the manual to figure out a configuration or option.

To sum up, the Edimax Pro Wi-Fi access points are a user-friendly system suitable for small-to-medium sized business grade Wi-Fi networks.

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