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Updated 12/29/2010: Updated VLAN support info
Updated 12/13/2010: Updated web content filtering pricing

Draytek Vigor 2920

At a Glance
Product Draytek Vigor 2920 Dual-WAN Security Router (2920)
Summary Wired dual-WAN router with 4 port 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch, VPN endpoints and FTP to USB drive
Pros • Dual-WAN and 3G WWAN Support
• Up and downlink bandwidth control
• Gigabit LAN with Jumbo Frame Support
Cons • Slow file transfer rates with USB FTP
• Documentation lacks examples

The Vigor 2920 is a new router from Draytek, an update to the previously reviewed 2910.  The 2920 is one of three models in Draytek's 2920 line. A “V” in the model name means the router has 2 FXS ports for VoIP applications, and an “n” in the model name means the router has 802.11n wireless capability.  I'm going to cover the base level 2920.

Draytek calls the 2920 a “Dual-WAN Security Router,” aptly identifying its key differentiating features of multiple WAN ports and a highly configurable firewall.  The 2920 has some improvements over the 2910, such as much higher routing throughput, greater USB functionality and Jumbo Frame support, but also moves to a subscription based Content Filtering service as opposed to the free service on the 2910.


The 2920 is enclosed in a black plastic case measuring 9.375” wide by 6.5” deep and 1.625” high.  It is a table top design with rubber feet.  All the ports and indicator lights are on the front of the device, shown in Figure 1.

Front view of 2920

Figure 1: Front view of 2920

The back of the router has the power connector and a power switch.  The power cable has a smaller wall wart that plugs into an AC outlet.  I always appreciate a power switch.  If you're power cycling  a device, it is better to be able to use a switch than to have to pull out the cable and plug it back in.

Rear view of 2920

Figure 2: Rear view of 2920

Draytek states the 2920's chipset is the Infineon Danube chipset.  The CPU is an Infineon 32 bit 133/266 MHz, coupled with 64 MB SDRAM and 8 MB of Flash memory.  An Atheros AR8316 Gigabit switch handles the four LAN and one of the two WAN ports.

Vigor 2920 board

Figure 3: Vigor 2920 board

There is no cooling fan, making the 2920 completely silent.  This is a nice feature for a device running in an office or on a desktop.  The case seems large enough to permit decent airflow, and it never seemed warm to the touch during my testing.


Draytek surprised me with new firmware midway through writing this review, which changed and or added functionality to the 2920.  This new firmware, v3.3.6, adds new menu options, USB file and printer functionality, increased WAN functionality, jumbo frame capability, and changes several other features and functions on the router. 

The release notes for this new firmware are on the download section of this web page here and an updated User Manual can be downloaded using the User's Guide link on the product page. Draytek also summarizes v3.3.6 in this press release and has a online simulator. Note, this simulator is based on the original firmware, v3.3.1. 

I hope Draytek adds examples to future user manuals  There is a FAQ section on their website with more detailed explanations. But it's hard to bounce around from one source to another to figure out how to configure a device.  As I mentioned in my review of the 2910, Draytek's documentation is challenging to follow because it lacks examples and clear explanation on how to configure desired functions.

The menu in the 2920 is quite detailed, with 14 different menus, each with 3 to 11 submenus.  Table 1 shows you the menu tree.

Menu tree

Table 1: Menu tree

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