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D-Link DCS-2310L Outdoor HD Cloud Camera Reviewed

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D-Link DCS-2310L

At a Glance
Product D-Link DCS-2310L Cloud Camera 2300 Outdoor HD Day/Night Network Camera with mydlink [Website]
Summary Outdoor HD IP camera
Pros • IP65 weather-resistant housing
• 802.3af PoE support
• Records to onboard SD card
• Remote access via mydlink cloud
Cons • Mediocre night vision
• Seems expensive for what you get
• No wireless option


D-Link continues to expand its mydlink line of products. At the time of this writing, the list includes nine cloud cameras, four cloud routers and two cloud NASes. D-Link sent me the DCS-2310L HD PoE Outdoor Cube Network Camera for review and I put it through its paces.

The rear of the DCS-2310L looks pretty plain. The Ethernet and power wires, although easily cut, are very tamper-resistant otherwise. The housing looks so complete I didn't realize the wires were removable until I read the manual. The image below shows the rear callouts of the camera.

D-Link DCS-2310L rear callouts
D-Link DCS-2310L rear callouts

The front of the camera is a little more detailed. In the image below you can see the different callouts of the camera's front. Notice it only mentions what appears to be one IR LED. I tried to clarify this was indeed the case, but could not. We'll see in the night image comparisons later how well it does.

D-Link DCS-2310L front callouts
D-Link DCS-2310L front callouts

The housing that we previewed in the pictures above is an IP65 compliant weatherproof housing. While that might not sound familiar, it's a two-digit number established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It is used to provide an Ingress Protection rating to a piece of electronic equipment or to an enclosure for electronic equipment.

D-Link DCS-2310L with covers removed
D-Link DCS-2310L with covers removed

The two digits represent different forms of environmental influence. The first digit represents protection against ingress of solid objects. The second digit represents protection against ingress of liquids. In the case of IP65, the 6 means it is totally protected against dust. The 5 means it is protected against low pressure water from any direction, although limited ingress is permitted.

The SD card has a tamper and weather-resistant O-ringed cover and the Ethernet and power cables also have a separate cover. In the image above, I've disassembled those covers.

D-Link DCS-2310L Ethernet and power cover
D-Link DCS-2310L Ethernet and power cover

I have also included some illustrations to show how they come apart. Although they were a pain while reviewing, these were nice touches compared to some of the other cameras I've looked at.

D-Link DCS-2310L SD card cover
D-Link DCS-2310L SD card cover

When I reviewed the indoor DCS-942L last March, I didn't like that the camera had a cheap-feeling plastic ball and socket. I'm happy to report that the DCS- 2310L had a nice metal ball and socket and felt much sturdier.

D-Link DCS-2310L Metal ball and socket
D-Link DCS-2310L Metal ball and socket

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