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D-Link DCS-2310L Outdoor HD Cloud Camera Reviewed - Inside, Setup, In Use

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It took me a little effort to disassemble the DCS-2310L. It wasn't until I read the manual that I realized the housing covering the Ethernet jack and power cord was removable. I'll show the disassembly of the housing shortly. Once I got the screws out that a 500 pound gorilla tightened at the factory, I found a nice O-ringed metal case that was covered in plastic.

D-Link DCS-2310L housing disassembled, showing metal case
D-Link DCS-2310L housing disassembled, showing metal case

Getting the board itself freed up proved to be a little problematic and I decided to stop while I was ahead vs. potentially damaging the camera. From the side that was visible to me, I was able to identify 128 MB of Samsung DDR2 SDRAM (k41g164qf-bce7). But the processor and flash proved resistant to my disassembly.

Samsung 128MB DDR2 SDRAM

Samsung 128MB DDR2 SDRAM

The DCS-2310L is listed as a IEEE 802.3af PoE camera at and in its datasheet. However, I could not find anything about PoE in the User guide. I don't have a PoE enabled switch, so I couldn't verify PoE support. The camera also has a built-in mic and speaker, nice things to have, considering the product's price.


Setup of the camera was very easy with the mydlink setup wizard. The camera acquired an IP address via DHCP, the wizard detected it, had me set up a password and passed me on to mydlink.

D-Link DCS-2310L Setup Wizard

D-Link DCS-2310L Setup Wizard

I had already had a mydlink account from the DCS-942L review, so I simply entered that and was on my way. Tim reviewed mydlink, which is D-Link's portal for its cloud-enabled products, last March. Rather than rehash mydlink, I'll just point you to his review.

D-Link DCS-2310L mydlink setup screen

D-Link DCS-2310L mydlink setup screen

Once the wizard completed, I was ready to log into mydlink or to manage the camera from its own local admin interface. I did most of my testing via the admin interface vs.

In Use

The admin interface of the DCS-2310L firmware version 1.00.03 is much like that of the DCS-942L, with a few notable exceptions.

The DCS-942L seemed to have trouble figuring out the transition from day to night, often staying in night mode in a lighted room. Other cameras also have this problem, often clicking back and forth between mode and sounding like an annoying bug while doing it.

The DCS-2310L puts some measures in place to circumvent those problems as seen in the image below.

D-Link DCS-2310L Light settings tab

D-Link DCS-2310L Light settings tab

Day and night mode can be scheduled, which many other cameras also support. However, you can also adjust the sensitivity with three presets. A very nice feature is that clicking Refresh actually takes the current room light and sets it as the threshold. In testing, I did not need to change anything from the default settings and it worked well.

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