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NAS Reviews

Synology DS214se Reviewed

Read more...Synology's DS214se offers everything you get in other Synology dual-bay NASes and only costs $160.

Thecus N4560 Reviewed

Read more...Thecus' N4560 shows once again that Intel's lower-cost Atom doesn't produce a higher-performance NAS.

Buffalo LinkStation 421e Diskless Enclosure Reviewed

Read more...Updated - Buffalo's LinkStation 421e Diskless Enclosure is a BYOD alternative to Buffalo's LS420.

WD My Cloud Reviewed

Read more...If you're looking to create an easy-to-access "personal cloud", you can't do it much easier than with WD's My Cloud.

Buffalo TS3400 TeraStation Reviewed

Read more...The Buffalo TeraStation 3400 delivers good value in a diskful four-bay Marvell-powered NAS.

ThecusOS 6 Reviewed

Read more...ThecusOS 6 is a small step forward for the company's NAS operating system.

NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN516 Reviewed

Read more...Updated - NETGEAR's ReadyNAS RN516 is a top-performing Intel i3 based NAS.

Thecus N2560 NAS Reviewed

Read more...Updated - The Thecus N2560, based on Intel's lower-cost "Berryville" Atom, doesn't deliver the performance we've come to expect from an Atom NAS.

Buffalo TeraStation 5200 NAS Reviewed

Read more...The Buffalo TeraStation 5200 comes at a very nice price, but a bit short on performance.

Synology DS713+ DiskStation Reviewed

Read more...The Synology DiskStation DS713+ is a pricey two-bay high-performance NAS with room to grow.

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