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NAS Reviews

ZyXEL NSA-2400: Does RAID 10 make it a "10"?

Read more...Zyxel packed a lot of features into its four-drive BYOD RAID NAS. Too bad that jumbo frame support wasn't one of them.

Tiny Terabyte RAID: Iomega 1 TB StorCenter Network Hard Drive Review

Read more...Although full-featured and surprisingly small, Iomega's new dual-drive Terabyte RAID NAS doesn't auto-rebuild a RAID 1 array.

Western Digital My Book World Edition Review: Good Idea, Poor Execution

Read more...WD tries a remote-access twist to entice buyers to its single-drive NAS. Too bad that performance and reliability aren't part of the package.

Linksys NAS200 Review: Low price, disappointing performance

Read more...Linksys re-enters the consumer NAS market with a dual-drive RAID 1 BYOD NAS that will put some pricing pressure on the competition.

SonicWALL CDP 2440i Review: Continuous Data Protection = Backups for Dummies?

Read more...Continuous Data Protection is moving from software-only to appliance solutions. But they're still priced mainly for enterprise use.

Adaptec Snap Server 110 Review: High Performance, High Price

Read more...It may be the most expensive 250 GB NAS we've ever reviewed. But at least the Snap Server 110 delivers on performance.

Synology CS407 / CS407e Review: A good NAS gets better

Read more...Synology's updated RAID 5 NAS includes some nice improvements. But you may have to experiment with settings to get optimum RAID 5 performance.

Buffalo TeraStation Pro II Review: Good performer, odd design choices

Read more...Buffalo improves performance, but makes some disappointing design choices in its top-of-the-line NAS.

HP Media Vault Pro Review: Small-biz NAS for HP fans

Read more...HP bumps capacity to 1 TB, adds an online backup service and takes away the movies from its Media Vault and says it has a nice small business NAS. Bill Meade agrees...except for the bugs and undocumented features.

Hammer myshare Review: Newcomer NAS runs with the dual-drive pack

Read more...Hammer Storage may be a relatively unknown NAS supplier. But its myshare has a good combination of features, performance and price.

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