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NAS Reviews

Buffalo TeraStation 5200 NAS Reviewed

Read more...The Buffalo TeraStation 5200 comes at a very nice price, but a bit short on performance.

Synology DS713+ DiskStation Reviewed

Read more...The Synology DiskStation DS713+ is a pricey two-bay high-performance NAS with room to grow.

NETGEAR ReadyNAS 300 Series Reviewed

Read more...NETGEAR's ReadyNAS 312, 314 and 316 are decent performers with lots of features, but have stiff competition.

QNAP TS-x21 NAS Series Reviewed

Read more...QNAP's TS-x21 NAS series isn't as good a deal as the less-expensive TS-x20 family.

Buffalo LinkStation 420 NAS Reviewed

Read more...Buffalo's Linkstation 420 NAS has pretty good performance. But is it three times faster than a "standard NAS" as Buffalo claims?

QNAP TS-x20 NAS Series Reviewed

Read more...QNAP's TS-x20 NAS series looks like a better deal than its more expensive TS-x21 family.

Thecus Top Tower N8850 Reviewed

Read more...The performance of Thecus' Top Tower N8850 is better than we can adequately test.

iXsystems FreeNAS Mini Plus Reviewed

Read more...Updated - iXsystems FreeNAS Mini Plus is a top-performing NAS, despite being based on ZFS.

NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN102 Reviewed

Read more...The price, performance and features of NETGEAR's ReadyNAS RN102 should put it on your short list for RAID 1 NASes.

Synology DS1813+ & DS1513+ DiskStations Reviewed

Read more...Synology's DS1813+ and DS1513+ are expandable top-performing Atom-based NASes.

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