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NAS Reviews

Thecus N10850 Top Tower Reviewed

Read more...The Top Tower N10850 continues Thecus' tradition of high-performance, but value-priced NASes.

QNAP TS-469L Turbo NAS Reviewed


Read more...If you can get by with a few compromises, QNAP's TS-469L can save you some serious money.

Seagate Wireless Plus Reviewed

Read more...Seagate's Wireless Plus is a great little product with loads of features, but a few things open for improvement.

Iomega ix4-300d StorCenter Network Storage Reviewed

Read more...Iomega's ix4-300d has good performance compared to other Marvell-based NASes.

Synology DS213+ DiskStation Reviewed

Read more...Updated - The Synology DS213+ DiskStation is another speedy Freescale-powered NAS.

ASUSTOR AS-604T NAS Reviewed

Read more...Does ASUSTOR's "app-based" NAS really bring anything new to the game?

Thecus N7510 NAS Server Reviewed

Read more...Thecus' seven-bay N7510 is a slightly less-expensive alternative to its N7700PRO.

D-Link DNS-320L ShareCenter 2-Bay Cloud Storage 2000 Reviewed

Read more...The cloudiest features of D-Link's DNS-320L Cloud Storage 2000 NAS are its admin interface and documentation.

Iomega StorCenter px2-300d Reviewed

Read more...Updated - Iomega seems to finally have cracked the performance code with its dual-core Atom based px2-300d.

Synology DS413 Reviewed

Read more...The Synology DS413 DiskStation could be the frugal person's alternative to a RAID 5 Atom-powered NAS.

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