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NAS Reviews

Synology DS1512+ Disk Station Reviewed

Read more...Update - The Synology DS1512+ DiskStation is an expandable high-performance five-bay NAS using Intel's D2700 Atom processor.

Thecus N4800 NAS Server Reviewed

Read more...Thecus' N4800 uses Intel's D2700 "Cedar View" Atom processor, but has performance similar to D525 Atom competitors.

Iomega StorCenter ix2-dl Network Storage Reviewed

Read more...Iomega's incremental tweak of its dual-drive NAS brings new features and slightly better performance.

WD My Book Live Duo Reviewed

Read more...WD's My Book Live Duo improves on its single-drive sibling with dual drives and much easier-to-use remote access.

File Server In Your Pocket: AirStash A02 Reviewed

Read more...Expand the storage of your personal device with this access point/wireless flash drive not much larger than a USB stick.

Buffalo WS-QV4TL/R5 TeraStation Pro Quad WSS Reviewed

Read more...Buffalo's TeraStation Pro Quad WSS is a bit on the expensive side for a WSS based NAS. But it handles up to 50 users.

New To The Charts: Buffalo TeraStation Pro Quad WSS

Read more...Buffalo's TeraStation Pro Quad WSS is for those who like their Windows Storage Server NASes straight up.

QNAP TS-1079 Pro NAS Reviewed

Read more...QNAP swings for the server-replacement fences with its new ten-bay powerhouse.

Western Digital DX4000 Sentinel Reviewed

Read more...Western Digital's DX4000 Sentinel is easy to use and configure, but has too many rough edges.

New To The Charts: WD DX4000 Sentinel

Read more...Western Digital is going after small business buyers with its new four-bay NAS.

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