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NAS Reviews

New To The Charts: WD DX4000 Sentinel

Read more...Western Digital is going after small business buyers with its new four-bay NAS.

Synology DS712+ DiskStation Reviewed

Read more...The Synology DS712+ DiskStation is an expensive, but expandable high-performance two-bay NAS.

Synology DS2411+ Reviewed

Read more...The Synology DS2411+ DiskStation has the most storage you can get on an Atom-powered NAS.

Thecus N4200PRO Reviewed

Read more...Thecus' N4200PRO is a D525 Atom NAS with a nice performance boost over its D510 based sibling.

Iomega StorCenter px6-300d Network Storage Reviewed

Read more...Updated - Iomega's StorCenter px6-300d Network Storage doesn't seem to make the most of its dual-core D525 Intel Atom heart.

QNAP TS-412 Turbo NAS Reviewed

Read more...QNAP's TS-412 rounds out QNAP's new family of lower-cost Marvell-based NASes.

QNAP TS-212 Turbo NAS Reviewed

Read more...QNAP's TS-212 is a new inexpensive two-bay NAS with all the features of its bigger (and more costly) siblings.

QNAP TS-559 Pro II Reviewed


Read more...The "II" in QNAP's TS-559 Pro II means it joins the ranks of D525 Atom powered NASes with USB 3.0 ports.

Buffalo TeraStation Pro Quad Reviewed

Read more...Buffalo's TeraStation Pro Quad has new features, but not chart-topping performance.

New To The Charts: QNAP TS-112

Read more...The QNAP TS-112 has been added to the NAS Charts.

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