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Most Popular NASes This Week



LenovoEMC Beefs Up NAS OS

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Read more...LenovoEMC has announced a major upgrade for its Iomega NAS OS.

LaCie 5big NAS Pro Reviewed

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Read more...LaCie looks like it may finally have cracked the code on making a RAID 5 NAS with competitive performance and features.

QNAP Adds Budget Rackmount NAS Pair

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Read more... QNAP has introduced two Marvell-powered rackmount NASes.

Seagate NAS Shipments Are NOT On Hold

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Read more...Seagate says shipments of its Business Storage NASes have not been halted.

Data Recovery Tales: Why You Can't Recover A Windows 8 Drive

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Read more... Backing up is even more important if you are using Windows 8.

Seagate Halts Shipment Of New Business NASes

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Read more...Updated - Seagate has not stopped shipment of all its new Business Storage NASes.

NETGEAR Rolls Out All New ReadyNASes

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Read more...NETGEAR has revamped its entire ReadyNAS product line with five new desktop models in three new ReadyNAS families with an completely overhauled new OS.

Thecus N10850 Top Tower Reviewed

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Read more...The Top Tower N10850 continues Thecus' tradition of high-performance, but value-priced NASes.

Make Your Own Raspberry Pi NAS

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Read more...A Raspberry Pi NAS isn't as flexible or easy to use as a readymade NAS. But it performs better than you might think.

QNAP Beefs Up Virtual Support, AFP Performance

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Read more...QNAP has announced enhanced virtualization features for its business NAS families

Synology Releases DSM 4.2

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Read more...Synology has released the next version of its DSM NAS OS.

Why ZFS?: Introduction

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Read more... The first article of our short series on ZFS introduces this lesser-known, but powerful file system.

Thecus Makes Berryville NASes Official

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Read more...Thecus has announced two and four bay NASes using Intel's "Berryville" Atom media processor

How To Build A Cheap Petabyte Server: Take Three

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Read more... The third time around designing a Petabyte-capacity storage module shows that details still count. Like using desktop instead of "enterprise" drives.

Thecus Teases CeBIT Reveals

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Read more...Thecus says it has two new Atom NASes and a revamped NAS OS in the works.

QNAP Adds 12-Bay Atom-Powered Rackmount NAS

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Read more...QNAP has announced a 12 bay Atom-powered rackmount NAS.

Seagate Revamps Business NAS Line

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Read more...Seagate has released a new line of business NASes.

QNAP TS-469L Turbo NAS Reviewed

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Read more...If you can get by with a few compromises, QNAP's TS-469L can save you some serious money.

NAS Too Slow? Try iSCSI

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Read more...Try iSCSI if you want to speed up the small file performance of your NAS.

Thecus Unleashes Xeon Rackmount NAS Duo

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Read more...Thecus has announced two rackmount Intel Xeon based NASes.

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