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Most Popular NASes This Week



Synology DS413 Reviewed

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Read more...The Synology DS413 DiskStation could be the frugal person's alternative to a RAID 5 Atom-powered NAS.

QNAP Announces V3.8 NAS OS

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Read more...QNAP has updated its NAS OS to handle Windows 8.

Infortrend EonNAS Pro 500 Reviewed

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Read more...Infortrend's EonNAS Pro 500 has some unique features, but doesn't measure up to competitors on performance and more.

Synology Adds Big Iron Rackmount NAS

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Read more...Synology has moved the top end of its product line up to a 106 drive solution.

New Player Opens Strong With Dual-Core Atom Line

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Read more... ASUS has entered the Network Storage market with four dual-core Atom-based boxes.

NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo v2 Reviewed

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Read more...NETGEAR's entry-level dual-bay ReadyNAS Duo v2 is still hard to beat for flexibilty.

LaCie Relaunches Its Cloud-Connected NAS

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Read more... LaCie has trying a different approach for combining NAS and cloud.

Synology Adds Beefier Expandable Two-Bay NAS

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Read more... Synology has released a more powerful dual-bay expandable NAS.

Synology DS413j DiskStation Reviewed

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Read more...The DS413j DiskStation is Synology's least-expensive way to get one of its RAID 5 NASes.

Data Recovery Tales: A Case Of Mistaken Identity

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Read more... It helps to know the real RAID level before you attempt recovery.

Iomega Adds Intel, Marvel NASes

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Read more... Iomega has announced new two and four-bay NASes.

Synology DS412+ DiskStation Reviewed

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Read more...Think of the Synology DS412+ DiskStation as a non-expandable four-bay version of the DS1512+ in a mostly plastic case.

ZyXEL NSA325 2-Bay Power Plus Media Server Reviewed

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Read more...ZyXEL's NSA325 delivers plenty of features and decent performance in a RAID 1 NAS for surprisingly little cost.

Iomega Starts Shipping Top Line Rackmount NAS

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Read more...Iomega announced it has started to ship its StorCenter px12-450r rackmount NAS announced in May. MSRP for the entry level 4TB model is $6,999.99.

Thecus Launches Eco-Friendly Quad-Bay NAS

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Read more...Updated - Thecus has announced a lower power Atom-based four-bay NAS.

Synology Pops Out Wireless Two Bay and Atom Twelve Bay NASes

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Read more...Synology has announced two NASes: one wireless-connected; the other aimed at professional photo storage.

QNAP TS-569 Pro Turbo NAS Reviewed

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Read more...The QNAP TS-569 Pro brings Intel's D2700 Atom to a five-bay platform, but little performance boost over the TS-559 Pro II.

WD Adds Enterprise 4 TB Drives

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Read more...WD has released 4 TB Enterprise-class nearline SAS and SATA drives.

Infortrend Announces RackMount Dual-Core Biz NASes

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Read more...Infortrend has announced two Intel-based 2U business NASes.

Synology Adds Four-Bay Hot-Swapper

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Read more...Synology has announced a four-bay NAS with hot-swappable bays.

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