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Most Popular NASes This Week



QNAP Rolls Out More Dual-Core Atom NASes

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Read more...Updated - QNAP has announced a new line of Intel dual-core Atom based NASes.

Synology Announces Inexpensive-ish Four Bay NAS

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Read more...Synology has added a four-bay offering to its home NAS line.

Synology Releases DSM 4.1

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Read more...Synology's DSM 4.1 has exited beta.

Synology Upgrades Dual-Bay NAS Line

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Read more... Synology has announced two dual-bay NASes using Marvell and Freescale CPUs.

Buffalo Adds Three Cedar View SMB NASes

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Read more... Buffalo has added three biz-class Atom-based NASes to its TeraStation line.

Thecus Announces Seven Bay Atom NAS

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Read more... Updated - Thecus has announced an Intel Atom-based seven-bay NAS.

Data Recovery Tales: When Windows Storage Spaces Go Bad

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Read more... Windows 8 Server's Storage Spaces will require data recovery tool makers to step up their game.

Thecus Adds Four-Bay Atom Rackmount NAS and Turns On Media Player

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Read more... Updated - Thecus has announced a four-bay rackmount Atom-powered NAS and released a module that enables HDMI-equipped NASes to act as media players.

Fun With Rsync And More On The WD My Book Live

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Read more...Updated - Using the hidden SSH root access in the WD My Book Live and enabling rsync lets it play a bigger role for storage, backup and remote file access.

New Thecus OS Supports 2.5 Petabytes

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Read more...Thecus had released version 5.0 of its NAS operating system.

QNAP Announces SMB RackMount Atom NAS Duo

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Read more...QNAP had added new four and eight-bay Atom-powered NASes.

Can WD's Red Drives Speed Up Your NAS?

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Read more...Our quick-and-dirty comparative review shows that Western Digital's new Red made-for-NAS drive can improve your NAS' performance in certain cases.

Infortrend announces two new lines of Intel-based NAS products

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Read more...Infortrend has announced two new Intel-based NAS Server lines.

Thecus TopTower N6850 NAS Reviewed

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Read more...Thecus' TopTower N6850 is a very powerful $1200 NAS that can make good use of a 10 GbE connection.

Synology Announces DSM 4.1 beta

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Read more...Synology has released a new version of its NAS operating system for public beta.

WD Has New Drives Designed For Your NAS

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Read more...Western Digital has announced a new line of hard drives specifically for NASes.

Thecus Announces Longer Biz-Class NAS Warranties

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Read more...Thecus has announced longer warranties for some of its high-end NASes.

Seagate Makes Attached Backup Easy

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Read more...Seagate has announced a line of attached drives with "one-click" backup built in.

LaCie Tries WHS 2011 In New Rackmount NAS

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Read more...LaCie has announced a rackmount NAS running Windows Home Server 2011.

Data Recovery Tales: Get Help For VM Recovery

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Read more... This data recovery case study shows how recovery of Virtual Machines can be much more difficult than you think.

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