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Most Popular NASes This Week



Buffalo Powers Up Two, Four Bay NASes

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Read more...Buffalo has launched a revamped mid-range TeraStation line.

Seagate Buying LaCie

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Read more...Seagate has announced its intent to acquire LaCie.

Iomega StorCenter ix2-dl Network Storage Reviewed

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Read more...Iomega's incremental tweak of its dual-drive NAS brings new features and slightly better performance.

Buffalo To Ship Rackmount Xeon Enterprise NAS Pair

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Read more...Buffalo just launched a pair of 2U rackmount Intel Xeon-powered NASes

Data Recovery Tales: The Seven Biggest Mistakes When Attempting Data Recovery

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Read more... In Part 2 of our series, we cover things you don't want to do when attempting data recovery.

Iomega Previews 12 Bay Rackmount NAS, Adds McAfee AV

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Read more...Updated - Iomega has introduced a more powerful Intel-based twelve-bay rackmount NAS and added McAfee anti-virus protection to many of its business-class NASes.

LaCie Refreshes Two Bay NAS

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Read more...LaCie has announced a faster version of its two-bay NAS.

QNAP Adds Pair of Intel Rackmount NASes

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Read more...Update - QNAP has announced two Intel-based 16 bay 3U rackmount NASes.

Data Recovery Tales: RAID Is Not Backup

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Read more... We're starting a series on data recovery with a reminder why you should not rely on RAID alone to keep your data safe.

QNAP Phases In USB 3.0 Ports On SOHO NAS Series

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Read more...QNAP has upgraded to USB 3.0 ports on its TS-x19P II NASes.

Thecus NASes Get McAfee AV

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Read more...Starting today, Thecus NASes will ship with McAfee anti-virus protection for stored files. [Press release]

Thecus Rolls Out Three Top-End Tower NASes

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Read more...Thecus has announced three Intel-based tower NASes.

Free Stuff and Discounts For World Backup Day

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Read more...Planning to do anything for World Backup Day tomorrow?

WD My Book Live Duo Reviewed

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Read more...WD's My Book Live Duo improves on its single-drive sibling with dual drives and much easier-to-use remote access.

Synology Releases Hot-Swappable Four-Bay Atom NAS

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Read more...Synology has announced a new small-biz four-bay NAS.

QNAP Now Supports 4TB High Capacity 3.5-inch Hard Drives

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Read more... QNAP has announced support for 4TB drives for its Turbo NAS series.

QNAP Announces Cedar View NAS Lineup

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Read more... Updated: QNAP has officially announced a new NAS series that it previewed at January's CES.

Synology Releases DSM 4.0

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Read more... Synology has released its new NAS OS.

WD Looks To The Cloud For Backup

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Read more...WD has added a cloud backup option to its Sentinel DX4000 NAS.

Synology Squeezes Out Yet Another Expandable NAS

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Read more...Synology has announced the replacement for its DS1511+ five-bay expandable NAS.

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