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Most Popular NASes This Week



Lion Breaks Time Machine NASes

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Read more... Update 3 - Apple's release of its Lion (10.7) MacOS is causing NAS manufacturers to scramble to fix broken Apple Time Machine connections.

Iomega StorCenter px6-300d Network Storage Reviewed

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Read more...Updated - Iomega's StorCenter px6-300d Network Storage doesn't seem to make the most of its dual-core D525 Intel Atom heart.

Beat Back Virtualization Costs [Sponsored]

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Want to know more about virtualization expenses and how Dell servers and storage with Intel Technology can keep them in check? Get the free Server Virtualization: Expert Overview of Costs Trends and More whitepaper.

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Synology Betas New NAS OS

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Read more... Synology has opened a public beta of its new NAS OS.

You Can Call Them Drobo Now

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Read more... Data Robotics has officially changed its name to Drobo and moved into F5 Networks' old digs in San Jose.

Synology Adds New Top-Of-Line 12 Bay NAS

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Read more... Synology has announced another 12 bay Atom based NAS.

WD Working on Windows Server Based NAS

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Read more... Western Digital said it is preparing a small business NAS based on Windows Storage Server

Clickfree Announces Windows System Backup, Restore Anyone Can use

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Read more... Clickfree has announced a easy to use total system backup / imaging solution for Windows computers.

QNAP TS-412 Turbo NAS Reviewed

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Read more...QNAP's TS-412 rounds out QNAP's new family of lower-cost Marvell-based NASes.

Synology Launches Enterprise NAS Line

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Read more... Synology moves upscale with a new "Enterprise" NAS series.

QNAP TS-212 Turbo NAS Reviewed

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Read more...QNAP's TS-212 is a new inexpensive two-bay NAS with all the features of its bigger (and more costly) siblings.

QNAP TS-559 Pro II Reviewed

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Read more...The "II" in QNAP's TS-559 Pro II means it joins the ranks of D525 Atom powered NASes with USB 3.0 ports.

Buffalo TeraStation Pro Quad Reviewed

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Read more...Buffalo's TeraStation Pro Quad has new features, but not chart-topping performance.

Build Your Own Fibre Channel SAN For Less Than $1000 - Part 2

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Read more...In Part 1, we built a NAS Disk Array. This time we will convert our NAS array into a fibre channel SAN and configure a Windows DAS server.

NETGEAR Lowers ReadyNAS Prices

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Read more... NETGEAR said it has improved performance and lowered prices on some of its ReadyNASes.

New To The Charts: QNAP TS-112

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Read more...The QNAP TS-112 has been added to the NAS Charts.

New To The Charts: Thecus N5200XXX

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Read more...The Thecus N5200XXX has been added to the NAS Charts.

Build Your Own Fibre Channel SAN For Less Than $1000 - Part 1

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Read more...Greg Noel's new multi-part series will show you how to put together lots of high-performance storage for a lot less than slower and less capacious off-the-shelf NASes.

Seagate Announces Battery-Powered Wi-Fi Hard Drive

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Read more...Seagate has announced a wireless / USB 3.0 hard drive with built-in battery

Iomega Releases New Intel-Based NASes

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Read more...Iomega has announced a trio of Intel Atom and Celeron based NASes.

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