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Most Popular NASes This Week



Thecus N4560 Reviewed

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Read more...Thecus' N4560 shows once again that Intel's lower-cost Atom doesn't produce a higher-performance NAS.

Synology Adds Low-Cost And High Performance Dual-Bay NASes

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Read more...Synology has announced two dual-bay NASes, one for only $160.

Buffalo LinkStation 421e Diskless Enclosure Reviewed

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Read more...Updated - Buffalo's LinkStation 421e Diskless Enclosure is a BYOD alternative to Buffalo's LS420.

Thecus Adds RAID1 Home NAS

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Read more...Updated - Thecus has announced a dual-bay SOHO NAS, based on a PowerPC SoC.

Synology Announces More SOHO NASes

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Read more...Updated - Synology has announced a trio of SOHO NASes, including one optimized for video transcoding.

WD My Cloud Reviewed

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Read more...If you're looking to create an easy-to-access "personal cloud", you can't do it much easier than with WD's My Cloud.

QNAP Rolls Out Intel-Powered Biz NAS Trio

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Read more...QNAP has added three business-class desktop NASes.

Synology Announces New SOHO NAS

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Read more...Synology has added a two-bay NAS.

WD Announces Xeon-Powered Windows Servers

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Read more...WD has announced two desktop storage appliances.

WD Tightens Focus On Home Personal Clouds

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Read more...WD has announced an updated and rebranded home NAS with better remote access.

Thecus And Plex Hook Up

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Read more...Theucs is now bundling Plex with some of its high-end NASes.

Buffalo TS3400 TeraStation Reviewed

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Read more...The Buffalo TeraStation 3400 delivers good value in a diskful four-bay Marvell-powered NAS.

ASUSTOR Expands NAS Line With 'Economical' Quartet

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Read more...ASUSTOR has announced a new line of lower-priced Intel Atom-powered NASes.

NAS Ranker And Chart Improvements

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We have made a few improvements to our NAS product research tools and changed the way we rank NASes.

Synology Unleashes Another Rackmount Dual-bay NAS

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Read more...Synology has announced a new rackmount NAS with only two bays.

ASUSTOR Puts New OS Demo Site Live

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Read more...ASUSTOR has put up a demo site for its latest NAS operating system.

Seagate Rolls Out Rackmount NASes, Data Protection Plans

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Read more...Seagate has announced a two rackmount NASes and two drive and data protection plans.

ThecusOS 6 Reviewed

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Read more...ThecusOS 6 is a small step forward for the company's NAS operating system.

WD Announces More Red drives

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Read more...WD has expanded its NAS-friendly Red hard drive family.

NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN516 Reviewed

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Read more...Updated - NETGEAR's ReadyNAS RN516 is a top-performing Intel i3 based NAS.

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