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Most Popular NASes This Week



Synology DS1813+ & DS1513+ DiskStations Reviewed

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Read more...Synology's DS1813+ and DS1513+ are expandable top-performing Atom-based NASes.

QNAP QTS 4.0 Reviewed

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Read more...QNAP's QTS 4.0 is a major change that will make choosing between Synology and QNAP NASes even more difficult.

Introducing SmallNetBuilder's NAS Ranker

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We have a new and easier way to find the best performing NASes.

QNAP TS-421 Turbo NAS Reviewed

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Read more...QNAP's TS-421 provides our first peek at QNAP's revamped QTS 4.0 OS.

Buffalo TeraStation NAS System Reviewed

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Read more...Buffalo's revamped OS puts a fresh face on its new NASes.

Buffalo TeraStation 5800 Reviewed

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Read more...Updated - Buffalo's TeraStation 5800 has a refreshed admin interface. But its performance still lags the competition.

Buffalo Shipping LinkStation 400 Line

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Read more...Updated - Buffalo has begun shipments of its new line of LinkStation NASes.

NETGEAR ReadyNAS OS6 Reviewed

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Read more...NETGEAR's new OS 6 is a fresh new face for its popular NASes, but has some growing up to do.

Iomega NASes Get Rebranded

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Read more...LenovoEMC today announced the rebranding of its Iomega storage product line.

QNAP Says New i3 NASes Are Coming

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Read more...QNAP has a new Intel i3-based NAS line in the works.

WD Introduces Four-Bay Rackmount NAS

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Read more...Updated - WD has announced a 1U, Atom-powered rackmount NAS.

Synology Adds Moderately Improved Eight-Bay Expandable NAS

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Read more...Synology has tweaked the hardware platform of its most capacious expandable desktop NAS.

WD Announces A Hard Drive Designed For The Cloud

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Read more...WD announced a less-expensive enterprise-class hard drive aimed at cloud datacenters.

Seagate Central Reviewed

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Read more...The Seagate Central doesn't have a lot of features, but those it has work well.

NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN104 Reviewed

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Read more...Updated - NETGEAR's new ReadyNAS RN104 has a spiffy new GUI and all-new OS, but is a bit underpowered for good RAID 5 write performance.

Infortrend Announces 90 Day NAS Trial Promotion

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Read more...Infortrend wants you to try one of its NASes risk-free.

Synology Adds Another Expandable NAS

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Read more...Synology has announced a new expandable Intel-based five-bay NAS.

NETGEAR Expands Biz-Grade ReadyDATA NAS Line

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Read more...Updated - NETGEAR has introduced a business version of its new 500-series Intel i3-based desktop NAS.

Synology Adds Marvell-Based SOHO Dual-Bay NAS

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Read more...Updated - Synology has announced another lower-cost dual-drive NAS.

WD, SanDisk Team For Skinny Hybrid Drives

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Read more...WD and SanDisk are joining forces for new ultra-thin WD hybrid drives.

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