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Wireless Features

Does An AC Router Improve N Device Performance?

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Read more...We tested seven AC routers to see if they improved throughput for an N device. We were surprised to find they did!

MU-MIMO vs. XStream: The Coming Battle For Wi-Fi Airtime

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Read more...Choosing between AC2350 and AC3200 routers won't be as simple as getting the one with the bigger number.

Is Your Router's Transmit Power Juiced?

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Read more...Updated - Do wireless router makers really goose transmit power above FCC limits? We found one that does. Not any more.

Does Beamforming Really Work?

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Read more...We found that beamforming can produce improved throughput. But don't get too excited.

Is AC1900 Worth It?

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Read more...There are good reasons to pay the premium prices that AC1900 routers command. But counting on potentially higher 2.4 GHz link rates isn't one of them.

How Much Throughput Can You Really Get From AC?

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Read more...So you upgraded your wireless network to 802.11ac. How much do you think you increased your wireless bandwidth?

How Well Do AC Routers Handle Mixed Networks?

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Read more...Our testing found you'll still sacrifice throughput running a mix of client types. But 802.11ac appears to make better decisions about which client type loses the most.

We Now Test Wireless Extenders, Adapters and Bridges

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Read more...We'd like to announce the launch of our full suite of product research tools for Wireless Extenders, Adapters and Bridges.

Community Wireless Is Alive And Well

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Read more...If you've been looking for information about building a neighborhood wireless mesh network, we've found a good resource.

Will A New Router Really Improve Performance? Part 2

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Read more...We take the most accurate look ever at what moving from an N to an AC router can do to your wireless performance.

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