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You are here: Wireless Wireless Reviews New To The Charts: Cisco Linksys E3200 High Performance Dual-Band N Router

New To The Charts: Cisco Linksys E3200 High Performance Dual-Band N Router

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High Performance Dual-Band N Router
At a glance
ProductLinksys E3200 High Performance Dual-Band N Router   [Website]
SummaryBroadcom-based simultaneous dual-band N router with Gigabit ports, USB drive sharing and media serving support.
Pros•Simultaneous dual band
•Gigabit ports
•USB drive sharing
Cons•No WDS
•Guest SSID on 2.4 GHz band only
•Storage feature lacks UPnP / DLNA server

Typical Price: $159  Compare Prices  Check Amazon


The Linksys E3200 is one step below the top-of-line E4200. It's aimed at folks who don't care about three-stream N support and would rather have the extra cash. The only other thing you trade off vs. the E4200 is a UPnP / DLNA media server added to the USB drive-sharing feature.

The E3200's enclosure is more like its lower-priced siblings with a narrower footprint and colored logo accent band running across the router face. The beauty shot above and rear panel photo below show the indicator-free top face and Etherent link / activity LEDs built into the Gigabit WAN and LAN jacks.

Cisco E3200 rear
Cisco E3200 rear view


I opened up my review sample after testing was done and took the photo shown below. The 3200's smaller footprint (compared to the 4200) made for a more compact, but similar layout.

Cisco E3200 inside view

Cisco E3200 inside view

I've listed the E3200's key components, along with the E4200's for comparison, in the table below.

  E3200 E4200
CPU Broadcom BCM47186 Broadcom BCM4718
Switch Broadcom BCM53125 Broadcom BCM53115
RAM 64 MB 64 MB
Flash 16 MB 16 MB
2.4 GHz Radio - BB/MAC In BCM47186
- Microsemi LX 5535 2.4 GHz power amps (x2)
- BB/MAC In BCM4718
- SiGe 2528L 2.4 GHz power amps (x2)
5 GHz radio - Broadcom BCM43236
- Microsemi LX 5530 5 GHz power amps (x2)
- Broadcom BCM4331
- SiGe SE2594L Dual Band 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN front ends (x3)
Table 1: E3200 and E4200 component summary

Both routers are Broadcom-based and have 64 MB of RAM and 16 MB of flash. Like most other simultaneous dual-band routers, both use a single-chip router solution for one of the radios and main CPU. The E3200 uses a BCM47186 vs. BCM4718 on the E4200. And since the E3200 doesn't support three-stream N on the 5 GHz radio, there are only two antennas for it vs. the E4200's three.


The E3200 supports the standard Linksys router feature set:

  • DHCP, Static, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP, Telstra Cable WAN types
  • DHCP server with MAC address reservation
  • Built-in Dynamic DNS clients for TZO and DynDNS
  • Static and dynamic routing
  • SPI firewall disable, multicast, WAN ping and IDENT filtering and Proxy, Java, ActiveX and Cooking blocking
  • IPsec, PPTP and L2TP VPN passthrough (enabled by default)
  • Single port forwarding and Port Range forwarding and triggered ports
  • HTTPS admin access, remote management (HTTP / HTTPS) enable with IP range restriction and port setting
  • Incoming, outgoing, Security and DHCP onscreen log access with support for Linksys Logviewer recording
  • Access Restrictions with 10 deny or allow-based policies, each with its own list of clients and day/time schedule
  • Uplink (LAN to WAN) only QoS with High, Medium, Normal or Low Priority that can be applied to specific applications (divided into Application, Online Game and Voice Device groups), physical switch ports or specific MAC addresses.
  • WMM (Wireless MultiMedia) (enabled by default)
  • Wireless Guest Access - Internet-only access with its own SSID, but no security except a common password for all guests and the ability to limit the number of guests from 1 to 10. 2.4 GHz band only

The 1.0.00 build 13 firmware I used for testing didn't support IPv6. See the E4200 review if you need a bit more feature detail along with some screenshots.

First power-up of the router didn't automatically result in Internet connection via a DHCP-style WAN link, so I fired up my browser, entered the IP of the admin server and was presented with the screen shown below.

E3200 captive portal
E3200 captive portal

I'm not a Cisco Connect fan, so clicked the Continue with an open and unsecured network (not recommended) link and was shown the screen below.

E3200 security warning
E3200 security warning

Once I checked the box and clicked the Continue button, I was finally granted Internet access.

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Very nice router

Overall rating: 
Reviewed by Dmitry
May 19, 2013
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I use original firmware on this device, and it made my happy.
Nice and easy settings with stable and very powerful singal of antennas.


E3200 with Tomato Sibby - surprising performance

Overall rating: 
Reviewed by Costa
April 07, 2013
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I use this device with Tomato Shibby inside. I performed some tests with that firmware only.
I’ve used one PC with two gigabit ethernet interfaces that were connected to E3200. They were configured with static IP addresses in different subnets.

E3200 5GHz interface was configured as client bridge with WPA2 encryption. It was connected to Linksys WPA610N (Metalink chipset) with channel width 40MHz. WAP610N was connected to notebook.

E4200 2.4Ghz interface was configured as access point with WPA2 encryption. It was pared with notebook’s internal Atheros based wifi card (channel width 40MHz).

So, it is obvious, that no NAT was involved in this set up.

I’ve shared two different hard drives on my PC and mounted them on my notebook using differ networks (and different channels as well). So that I was able to transfer files between different PC’s hard drives using my notebook.Then I start measuring transfer speed.

I was surprised. I’ve achieved about 10MB/sec (it is about 80Mb/sec). It means that both channels of E4200 were able to transfer 10MB/sec simultaneously. BTW, it is pretty close to WAP610N’s ethernet speed (100Mb/sec). So, it is quite possible that bottle neck is WAP610N’s ethernet but not WIFI links itself.


Perfect with dd-wrt

Overall rating: 
Reviewed by Erik
September 07, 2012
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Installed today on a small business network after flashing dd-wrt firmware to it. Everything is working well so far. Performance is much higher than our previous E1000


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