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Before submitting product for review, Infortrend made a point of telling us that EonNAS Pro line was focused on no-nonsense business use. They wanted to be sure we wouldn't ding them for the fact that there are no media servers, filesharing apps or social networking connectors that either come with the product or can be added to it.

All this is true. This is a NAS designed for serious use with data security taking top priority. The 4 1/2 minute video below lays out Infortrend's key product points pretty well, which are: Deduplication; Snapshot; Pool Mirror and ZFS checksum and data self-healing

The ZFS bullet is significant because this is the first NAS we have tested that uses this filesystem, which is known for taking a toll on performance. Here's a rundown of the other features.


  • RAID0/1/5/5 + Hot spare/6/6+ Hot spare/10
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet with Jumbo Frame
  • IPv6 support
  • Port trunking/NIC teaming/Link aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad)
  • CIFS/SMB, AFP, NFS network file systems
  • USB drive storage expansion (FAT32 or NTFS)
  • USB printer sharing
  • FTP/SFTP server
  • iSCI target
  • Active Directory integration
  • User level permissions with quotas (no groups)
  • HTTP/HTTPS web administration
  • Exportable event logs
  • Email alerts


  • Snapshots
  • Pool mirror
  • Apple Time Machine support
  • Windows Backup and Recovery support
  • Bundled free licenses for FarStone TotalRecovery Pro 7 (5 licenses per system)
  • Rsync remote replication with 128-bit SSH encryption
  • 3rd-party backup software support

Volume Management

  • Online and automatic RAID capacity expansion
  • Deduplication
  • Compression
  • WORM (Write Once Read Many)
  • Thin provisioning (iSCSI volumes only)
  • SPC-3 Persistent Reservation (iSCSI volumes only)
  • ICAP-based anti-virus support
  • ZFS end-to-end data integrity
  • Folder quotas

Bucking the current trend of other NAS manufacturers, the EonNAS Pro's OS does not have a module add-on system. So if you don't see a feature you want in the list above, you'll need to move on to a different product. As noted earlier, it looks like there is no root access either, via the console connection. Infortrend obviously doesn't want anyone but them messing with the product's features.

The NAS does not support either JBOD or setting up each drives as an individual volume. But it does support Pool Expansion, which allows adding another RAID configuration inside the storage pool as long as drives are available. Capacity Expansion is also supported, which allows you to expand the size of an existing pool or hard disk by replacing a drive with a bigger capacity. These terms are sort of confusing and we'll get to that in a bit.

As mentioned earlier, the EonNAS Pro 500 runs on SunOS 5.11. It has a nice no-nonsense admin GUI that you can see below.

EonNAS Pro 500 Main Screen

EonNAS Pro 500 Main Screen

As also previously noted, you won't find any consumery features like media sharing on this NAS. But what you will find are many data options aimed at the business user, like some of the folder options you see in the image below.

EonNAS Pro 500 Main Folder Options

EonNAS Pro 500 Main Folder Options

Probably one of the most unique data options is deduplication, a feature commonly included on "big iron" storage products, but not on the class of NAS that we usually review. Deduplication is basically not storing duplicate copies of data so that they don't waste storage space. A great example where this would save a lot of space is when a user is doing full weekly backups to the NAS, with most files being unchanged.

Data deduplication on the EonNAS Pro systems is implemented on the block level. Duplication calculations are performed as data enters the NAS, in real-time. When the EonNAS Pro 500 detects a duplicated block, only a pointer is created to reference to the existing data block already present in the system.

Another unique feature is WORM (Write Once Read Many). WORM allows you to set a retention period during which data in the folder or pool cannot be modified. This would be good for versioning management. If WORM is set to "Forever", data will not be able to be deleted unless the pool is destroyed.

Other very useful options include folder level compression using the LZJB algorithm and 256-bit AES encryption. Encrypted folders can be readily accessed when unlocked, with access controlled by the normal user and group permissions. Data is encrypted and decrypted on-the-fly, which exacts a performance toll that we'll see in the Performance section. When encrypted folders are locked, which can be done either manually or automatically on reboot, they can be accessed only by using the encryption key.

Anti-virus, which supports Symantec and TrendMicro through the ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol), can also be enabled on a per-folder basis. But this "feature" is really more of a hook, since the AV software itself isn't included. A check of the EonNAS FAQ yielded the question "How can I use anti-virus software to scan my EonNAS system?" with the following answer:

Please prepare a computer with ICAP-compatible antivius software. Connect the computer to the EonNAS system through the network. When NFS/CIFS clients read files, the EonNAS system will send the files to the computer to run virus scan.

This screenshot below of the Anti-Virus setting confirms the information above.

Anti-Virus settings

Anti-Virus settings

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