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Inside Details.

Since the GoFlex Net and Dockstar share the Pogoplug OS, I wasn't surprised to see a similarity in hardware design. Figure 5 shows the GoFlex Net opened up, with the bottom cover on the left in the photo. The two large bars aren't heatsinks, they are just there to keep the base from sliding around.

Seagate GoFlex Net inside view

Figure 5: Seagate GoFlex Net inside view

We didn't record the exact processor part number used in the Dockstar, due to the heatsink that obscured it. But Figure 6 shows that the GoFlex Net's processor has no heatsink, so I could clearly ID it as the 1.2 GHz Marvell 88F6281 "Kirkwood" storage SoC used in many inexpensive current-generation NASes. The same 128 MB of RAM is used and I expect the same 512 MB of flash lurks on the other side of the board, as it does in the Dockstar. Finally, the Gigabit Ethernet interface is the same Marvell 88E1116R.

Seagate GoFlex Net board closeup

Figure 6: Seagate GoFlex Net board closeup

In Use

As with its original Go line, Seagate bundles some apps, which come from Memeo, with each drive, (Figure 7). I didn't install any of them, but you can hit Memeo's site to explore the details.

GoFlex bundled Memeo apps

Figure 7: GoFlex bundled apps

Craig covered Pogoplug's features pretty well in his Dockstar review. So go on over there if you aren't familiar with the feature set. I had no problem getting the GoFlex Net and its docked drive recognized when I logged into my Pogoplug account left over from previous reviews. All I had to do was to register the GoFlex Net by clicking the Activate a new Pogoplug enabled device button shown in Figure 8. general settings

Figure 8: general settings

Note the four volumes—two on the GoFlex drive (created with the Windows Drive manager) and two from USB flash drives attached via a USB 2.0 hub. I wanted to also test an EXT3 formatted drive, but didn't have any handy. Nor did I have any HFS+ formatted drives around, either.

The GoFlex Net runs Pogoplug's 2.2.0 OS, which has a few tweaks over previous versions. You still can enable Windows network browsing on a volume basis (Figure 9). There are still no user accounts, but you can set read / write or ready-only access to each volume, or remove browse access entirely.

Controlling volume network browsing

Figure 9: Controlling volume network browsing

If you want to push an announcement to Facebook, Twitter or MySpace for each new file, you can do that via the Social Settings (Figure 10).

Social Networking settings

Figure 10: Social Networking settings

Pogoplug's streaming capabilities have gotten more sophisticated and now support HTML5 (Figure 11).

Social Networking settings

Figure 11: Media settings

I didn't play extensively with media serving, but it seemed somewhat funky. I could not find a way to force the UPnP / DLNA server to rescan for content and the browser interface didn't seem to remember my View Options when I browsed away from My library pages. I also stopped a transcode before it was done and, try as I might, was not able to restart it.

The last settings page is for Security, which is a new option since the Craig's Dockstar review.

GoFlex Net Security settings

Figure 12: GoFlex Net Security settings

The first option forces HTTPS connection when going through the portal and the second forces users to login when trying to view "email shares", which the online Help doesn't explain. The last option is a surprising one, since it allows SSH root access. You can assign the login password, but it took a few tries to figure out that the login username is root.

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