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In Use

Getting up and running is easy since there is no software to load. You just insert the battery, charge it up and press the End / Power key for a few seconds until the phone wakes up with a cheery cartoon sun. But your mellow soon after gets harshed when you are presented with a dire warning that the phone is not for emergency use and the obligatory "Accept / Decline" choices for the Skype User Agreement.

As soon as the phone is awake it starts scanning for wireless networks (Figure 3). If it finds a non-encrypted network that is handing out DHCP leases, it'll hook you right up if it finds only one or ask you to make a choice of more than one. And if the network is encrypted, it will prompt you for the key.

Network scanning and found networks

Figure 3: Network scanning and found networks

Once you're attached to a network, you'll get the main screen shown in Figure 4.

Main Screen

Figure 4: Main Screen (click image to enlarge)

Figure 4 is pretty accurate, except for the Notifications area. I saw only one of these (the missed call indicator), right after a missed call before the screen switched to a whole-screen missed call notification. When I returned to the Main screen, however, the Notification icon was gone.

The LCD screen has enough resolution to render the Skype icons faithfully and clearly. But I think I would trade off some of the screen brightness for the ability to see the screen without having to turn on the backlight. The screen is completely dark and doesn't have any reflective display capabilities. There is also no "on" indicator, so the only way you can check that the phone is on is to hit a key and light up the screen.

While the display is good enough for nicely-drawn icons, it falls short in being able to display enough text for many features. In some cases, like the Contacts list and Network names, the text scrolls if the Contact name is wider than the screen allows. But in other cases, such as when you make an error entering a WEP key, there is nothing you can do to scroll around to read the entire message (Figure 5).

An unclear message

Figure 5: An unclear message

Note that there is no Back option in Figure 5 to exit the screen. Clear just erases the character to the left of the cursor, which can be moved with the joystick / Navigation key. I did find by just messing around that pressing the End/ Power Down key will get you back to the Main screen, however.

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