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In Use, Continued

Pressing the right soft key brings up the Contacts menu (Figure 6), which looks just like the one you're accustomed to. You can make a call by highlighting a contact and pressing the Send key, or instead choosing the Options soft menu.

Contacts screen

Figure 6: Contacts screen

Choosing the Menu soft key takes you to a screen (Figure 7) where you'll find the options listed below:

Contacts - Same as the Contacts soft menu

History - Call logs, Voicemail, Authorizations (Figure 8)

Status - Change Status, My Profile, Sign Out

Add Contact - Skype or Skype Out options.

Search - Look up Contacts

Services - Skype credit, Skype In, Skype Voicemail

Settings - All other setttings, including Network

Menu screen

Figure 7: Menu screen

Note that the options in the phone don't match those described in the User Guide, which also needs to be updated to include information on the wireless authentication options. Pretty much all the controls in the regular Skype GUI are present including the ability to change your status and manage blocked users.

History screen

Figure 8: History screen

All these menus work as you'd expect them to, except for Skype features that haven't been included in the phone, which I'll get to next.

Using a Belkin Wireless Pre-N router as my AP let me take the phone pretty much anywhere around my home, with the AP located in my downstairs office. I did hear some call breakup in my difficult test Locations 4 and 5 and intermittently lost contact with the AP entirely while there. See this article for details on the test locations and home layout.

Test calls to another Skype user produced a "what the hell are you calling with?!" reaction. The called party reported that the sound was muffled and that (oddly) I "sounded younger". I suspect the latter effect was more due to Skype's network, which somehow introduced a pitch change to my voice, since I wasn't able to reproduce the effect in my own test calls.

I downloaded HotRecorder, which I used to record calls to and from the WSKP100. Right-click to download and listen to this MP3 test file to see what a test call made with my notebook and a Sennheiser PC120 In-Ear Headset sounds like. This MP3 file lets you hear what a call made with the WSKP100 sounds like.

Note that the called party sounds about the same as the caller, since apparently both receive and transmit voices have high frequencies rolled off. This limits the wireless bandwidth required, which allows a call to keep on going even when your wireless connection drops down to lower speeds due to network activity or weak signal.

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