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Performance - Summaries

1.01-0.53 firmware was loaded on the Linkstation 420 for our standard NAS test process. The Linkstation 420 tests used two drives configured in single RAID 0 and 1 volumes.

Since we now have the NAS Ranker, just a few observations about the benchmark summary. The Linkstation 420's benchmark below shows best file copy throughput with RAID 0 (55 MB/s) and worst with RAID 1 (53 MB/s); pretty close. Read is best for RAID 1 (103 MB/s) with RAID 0 only slightly lower at 101 MB/s, nearly double the write performance.

NASPT file copy write performance is higher across the board for write and lower for read bringing a rather consistent speed for both read and write.

Buffalo LinkStation 420 Benchmark Summary

Buffalo LinkStation 420 Benchmark Summary

Performance - Ranking

Since the ranker groups products only by processor class, we need to scan the SoC-1 (single core application-specific processors) class rankings to find the relative ranking for products with the same number of bays. For single-core SoC products, we find the Linkstation 420 in the #3 slot, which is also #3 for 2-bay NASes in this class behind the Zyxel NSA325 at #1 and the ioSafe N22TB1YR N2 at #2.

NAS Ranker Performance summary Buffalo LinkStation 420

NAS Ranker Performance summary Buffalo LinkStation 420

Quite honestly, these are some pretty good numbers for the Buffalo. In the single-core SoC category, #1 for both RAID 1 Windows and NASPT FileCopy Write. #1 for both RAID 0 and 1 FileCopy Read. #1 for video playback, not bad!

I went looking for the elusive "3X Faster than a Standard NAS Device" through our NAS finder and ranker. While the Linkstation 420 does have very good performance compared to other Buffalo NASes we've looked at (and even other single core SoC NASes), it was 3x faster than only the Buffalo Cloudstor Solo, which is consistently at the bottom of all of our performance benchmarks.


This time around, Buffalo seems to have really kept their eye on performance. The Linkstation 420 has pretty good performance, especially when compared to previous Buffalo models we've looked at. It even currently holds the top position in the RAID 1 File Copy Read Chart. Note that this chart includes both SoC-1 and more powerful Atom-2 (dual-core Atom) NASes.

RAID 1 File Copy Read Chart

RAID 1 File Copy Read Chart

But is it 3x faster than a standard NAS? Without qualification on exactly what that means, I'd have to say no. But that doesn't really matter, because that's just marketing hype anyway.

If you are in search of tons of features and a fancy user interface, then you'll probably want to keep looking. But if you want a NAS that will handle the basics and then some for a reasonable price, Buffalo has given you a reason to put them on your shopping short list again with the LinkStation 420.

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