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NAS Features

Viewed as a consumer NAS, the HMNHD-CE has the features you’d expect. It has a built-in DLNA & iTunes server with the default Movies, Pictures and Music shares automatically scanned by the media server. I loaded 28 GB of music into the Media share, and it all was scanned by the media server and played in iTunes on both my Mac and PC.

The HMNHD-CE also supports remote web access directly to it from any device that has an HTTPS capable web browser. As with setting up the Personal Cloud, setting up remote access also relies on UPnP to map a port (443) from your router to your HMNHD-CE. If UPnP is disabled on your router, most likely, the remote access setup will fail.

The HMNHD-CE provides one year of free Dynamic Domain Name Service through DDNS provider as well as a two year SSL security certificate for your chosen domain name. You can choose your own domain for an additional charge or choose from the two free domains. ( or

When you access your HMNHD-CE through a web browser, you land at a home page that displays a slide show. (Figure 10) Optionally, you can add or remove slide shows. If you click on the content tab, a list of public shares appears.

HMNHD-CE Browser-based remote access

Figure 10: HMNHD-CE Browser-based remote access

If you want to either manage your HMNHD-CE remotely, or have web browser access to your password protected shares, you need to click on the key in the right corner of the screen to log in. Clicking on the Content Tab displays your available shares (Figure 11). Using your browser, you can upload or download files, delete files and create new directories. In all, the browser-based administration interface for the HMNHD-CE is quite easy to use.  

Available shares via the browser-based interface

Figure 11: Available shares via the browser-based interface

Figure 12 shows the home page of the web UI. A couple of items stood out as I went through the UI. First, you can configure Users for the NAS, but the HMNHD-CE doesn’t support Groups. There is one preconfigured group for “Everyone”. The users you create under the Common->Users menu are used to control access to shares, but aren’t linked to the members of your personal Cloud. As you create a user, you have the option of automatically creating a private share.

Browser-based administration home page

Figure 12:  Browser-based administration home page

For each share, you can control user access (if security has been enabled) or grant everyone access. Figure 13 shows individual access restrictions for the Music share.

Access permissions on Music share

Figure 13:  Access permissions on Music share

In addition, each share can be configured as an active folder.  Active folders allow you to automatically copy files to You Tube, Facebook, Flickr, Torrent, email distribution, or resize photos. Figure 14 shows an active folder configured to upload the contents of the Movie folder to YouTube.

Active Folder configuration for YouTube

Figure 14: Active Folder configuration for YouTube

One of the reasons people buy a NAS is to back up valuable files. Here, the HMNHD-CE excels with a number of options. First, the HMNHD-CE includes one license each for EMC Retrospect HD for Windows, EMC Retrospect Express for Windows and EMC Retrospect for Mac. In addition, a free 2GB account to MozyHome Online Backup is included. (Note:  EMC is the parent company of both Iomega and Mozy).

You also get a Copy jobs feature to copy files to any other NAS or to an external USB storage device attached to the HMNHD-CE either immediately or scheduled. The HMNHD-CE can also serve as a Time Machine target for your Mac. I configured my Mac to use the HMNHD-CE for Time Machine backups and it worked flawlessly. Finally, the HMNHD-CE can also back up to Amazon S3.

Other features of note include support for PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) and a front panel QuikTransfer button. With PTP, you can attach the USB port of a PTP-enabled camera and automatically transfer photos. The QuikTransfer button can be configured to start copy jobs, or to transfer data from an attached USB storage device.

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