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LAN & WAN How To

How To Segment A Small LAN Using Tagged VLANs - Part 2

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Read more...Doug is back with more VLAN fun, this time mixing a VLAN capable router, switch and access point.

How To Segment A Small LAN Using Tagged VLANs

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Read more...We show you how to segment a small LAN, with internet access for both segments, with switches that support only 802.1Q tagged VLANs.

How To Use A Layer 3 Switch In A Small Network

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Read more...A Layer 3 switch can provide routable VLANs without having to change your router.

How To Configure Your Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite

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Read more...Updated - If you are struggling to get Ubiquiti's EdgeRouter Lite to function as a basic router, these tips and pre-made config files should help

How We Test Powerline Products

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Read more...Updated - This article describes how we test powerline products.

Slow HomePlug? Try A Powerline Filter

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Read more...Updated - A quick test of powerline filters shows they can help combat throughput-robbing noise.

How We Test Hardware Routers - Revision 3

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Read more...We've revised our router test process with a new Simultaneous Connection test capable of measuring as many connections as routers will provide.

How We Test Hardware Routers

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This article describes our Router test procedures for both wired and wireless routers.

Taming Your Network's Bandwidth Hogs - Part 2

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In our final Part 2, we look at two off-the-shelf ways to control up and downstream bandwidth.

How To Set Up Server NIC Teaming

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NIC Teaming can increase server reliability and bandwidth.

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