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NETGEAR announces ProSecure Threat Management line

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Read more...NETGEAR today announced a new line of Threat Management appliances with enterprise-class features but priced for SMB buyers.

No-Brainer Backup to Any USB Drive: Clickfree Transformer Reviewed

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Read more...The Clickfree Transformer does a good job of automatically getting all your data files safely onto any USB drive you have lying around.

Slideshow: Clickfree Transformer

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Clickfree's Transformer is a $60 USB cable that turns any USB drive into an automatic backup drive for Windows PCs.  Read the full review.

Centralize Your Network Protection for Free: Copfilter Reviewed

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Read more...With a spare notebook or PC and a little time and Copfilter, you can centralize your network virus, spam and email protection.

D-Link adds Security Service to more routers

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D-Link today said its SECURESPOT 2.0 Internet Security and Parental Control Services has been added to two more of its draft 802.11n routers.

Yoggie releases MacOS mini security appliances

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Yoggie Security Systems today released MacOS versions of its miniature hardware internet security devices.

NETGEAR Buying CP Secure

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NETGEAR yesterday announced that it is acquiring privately-held CP Secure, Inc.

ZyXEL expands UTM appliance line

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ZyXEL today announced its expanded Unified Security Gateway (USG) series that combines a deep packet stateful inspection firewall, anti-Virus, IDP, content filtering, anti-spam and VPN (IPSec/SSL/L2TP).

Monitor your Network for Free with Nagios

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Read more...Nagios is an open source tool that provides pro-level network monitoring.

How To Securely Browse from Anywhere using Hamachi and Squid

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Read more...You can securely browse the web from any public location by using a secure web proxy.

MozyHome Online Backup Review: Simple, Useful, Affordable

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Read more...EMC's MozyHome Online Backup service is simple to use and affordable, but won't back up everything you might want.

How To Securely Web Browse via an SSH Tunnel

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Read more...If you have access to an SSH daemon, you can surf safely no matter where you are connected.

How To Set Up a Site-to-Site VPN with OpenVPN

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Read more...Brandon Teska walks you through using this award-winning open source SSL VPN to securely link two networks over the Internet.

D-Link revs managed security service

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D-Link yesterday introduced a new version of its managed security service.

The SecureSpot 2.0 Managed Security Service will initially be integrated with the DIR-625 Draft 802.11n router, with additional products to be added later.

Netgear announces dual-WAN SSL / IPsec gateway

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Netgear today announced a new dual-mode security gateway that provides simultaneous support for up to 25 IPsec and 10 SSL VPN tunnels.

The ProSafe Dual WAN Gigabit SSL VPN Firewall (FVS336G) has two gigabit WAN ports supporting load-balancing and fail-over modes and an integrated four-port 10/100/1000 Mbps switch.

Slideshow: Site-to-site VPN between D-Link DFL-CPG310 and Linksys RV042

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This slideshow of configuration page screenshots will show you how to set up a site-to-site IPsec tunnel between the D-Link DFL-CPG310 and Linksys RV042.

Read the full review.

Tiny package, big security - Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro Review

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Read more...Yoggie's Gatekeeper Pro packs impressive UTM features into an ultra-portable package.

Iomega, Postini announce SMB email security partnership

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Iomega today announced a partnership with Postini to offer managed email security and spam defense solutions to small and mid-sized businesses.

Under the agreement, Iomega is now delivering Postini's security and compliance solutions to SMBs in the United States and in international markets. Beginning next month, distributor Tech Data will offer its customers the new Iomega OfficeScreen Managed Email Security and Spam Defense - Powered by Postini.

Secure Computing intros next-gen SMB Network Security Appliance

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Secure Computing Corporation today announced a newly enhanced version of its all-in-one Internet appliance for small and medium-sized businesses and remote offices.

The SnapGear with TrustedSource is the third Secure Computing product integration with TrustedSource, the company's global reputation system. The new product adds and enhanced VoIP capabilities, VPN offloading, connection tracking snapshots, increased performance, and the ability to deliver customized local-language versions.

Nmap getting SNORTed

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Open source innovator and SNORT creator, Sourcefire, Inc., and Insecure.Org, the creator of the Nmap Security Scanner, today announced a licensing agreement for the parties to jointly develop open source vulnerability scanning technology based on the general purpose Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) embedded within the Nmap network discovery tool.

Under the agreement, Insecure.Org will develop the engine while the Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) will develop and contribute plug-ins for discovering specific vulnerabilities.

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