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Wireless Basics

How To Buy a Wireless Router: 2014 Edition

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Read more... Our quick and easy guide to buying a router, freshly updated for 2014!

An Experiment In Wireless Power And Range

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Read more... It turns out that higher transmit power can affect range, but not as you might expect.

5 Tips For Setting Up Your Dorm Room Wireless Router

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Read more...Learn the right way to set up a wireless router that won't make your dorm mates hate you.

5 Tips For Buying A Future Proof Router

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Read more...The best way to future-proof your next wireless router is to plan for the one after it.

How Fast Can Your Wi-Fi Go?

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Read more...Updated - A/B/G/N/AC? G54, N300, AC1750? Does any of this tell you how fast Wi-Fi devices really can go? No. But this article does.

How To Buy a Wireless Router: 2012 Edition

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Read more... Lots has changed since 2009. So here's our updated quick-and-dirty guide for choosing a wireless router.

The Best Way To Get Whole House Wireless Coverage

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Read more... Updated There is only one way to get reliable, high-performance whole-home (or office) wireless coverage.

Why High Power Routers Don't Improve Range

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Read more... More often than not, you're wasting money by falling for this come-on.

SmallNetBuilder's Wireless FAQ: The Essentials

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Read more...Updated No need to go searching through the site. We've gathered the most important wireless networking need-to-knows in one handy place!

How To Buy a Wireless Router: The Short Version

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Updated - If you want a quick and dirty guide to help choose a wireless router, this article is for you.

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